Please, sir, may I have another Seattle?

When we last left our intrepid travelers, we had just finished adding to the eclectic gum gallery in Post Alley. From there we hopped in the car to head to see where we’d end up next. Capitol Hill was an option, as was the Chinatown/International district. However, we found ourselves ending up at Safeco Field to check out the Mariners.

I know; how awesome was that random decision? Amalia and I used to be pretty good fans of the Mariners back in the 90s when we were in junior high/high school [we will admit it was for Alex Rodriguez but we knew the ENTIRE team – as Amalia is just as nutty, if not more, about sports as I am]. In fact, we had spent the night before chatting about the team at dinner [with enough references to Jay Buhner and “little” Joey Cora to make JoAl to roll his eyes at us]. I got to check out the new stadium, saw some 90s era Mariners baseball [yay Junior Griff for hitting that game-winning double in the bottom of the eighth! Just like old times!], got to see former Giants Joe Nathan [who has filled out remarkably well!] and David Aardsma, and eat shish-ka-berries.

What’s are shish-ka-berries? Think chocolate-dipped strawberry kabobs. So delicious. The chocolate added just enough sweet to the berry. I think they should start selling these puppies down here! Plus points.

I enjoyed the new stadium but was put off by the old-school jumbotron. What is up with the two-tone binary stuff, people? You’ve got a fancy new stadium and it looks like you just dug up the centerfield jumbotron from the Kingdome and brought it here. Minus points.

After the game we headed to Ballard to stop by Cupcake Royale to finish the “Trophy Cupcake vs. Cupcake Royale throw down extravaganza.” Here I picked up the monthly special, Rainier Cherry [from the website: chunks of Rainier cherries from Olmsted Orchards, and a splash of Clear Creek Distillery Cherry Liqueur in a sweet pink buttercream topped with a sprinkling of uniquely crunchy organic, roasted cocoa nibs from Theo Chocolate]. Amalia picked up a Royale w Cheese for herself and a Peppermint Party for JoAl.

So what’s the final verdict? Cupcake Royale all the way. The frosting was also just sweet enough but the cake. Oh the cake was moist and spongy and definitely had the best flavor.

After polishing off the cupcakes, we headed out for some dinner at Ivar’s where I was introduced to a fabulous view of Lake Union [yup, the same lake they filmed the boat house scenes in Sleepless in Seattle] and of an awesomely unexpected landing of those floating planes. Oh, and a gigantic Alaskan King crab leg. Seriously, Amalia and I both ordered half a pound of crab legs and it turned out that just one leg ended up being half a pound. I kind of wish I had taken a picture of it. Anywho, they gave you the tools to tackle it but the shell cracker thing is completely useless when the cooked meat pulls away from the shell so when you press down on it, it just squeezes together instead of cracking open. So I had to be all Neanderthal about it and use my hands. It would have been cool had the legs not been so prickly too.

From there we made a stop off at the Fremont Troll. So under some bridge in the Fremont district there is this troll that was carved out of stone. Just chilling and holding on to a VW bug. It’s such a great random thing.

I know you’re wondering; if I were to send the Fremont Troll some cupcakes from Cupcake Royale, where should I have them delivered?

Of course. And look who else is here to help eat cupcakes…the three Billy Goats Gruff!

Climbing the troll made us [read: Amalia and I] crave something a little more sweet [you thought we were done?] so we made our way back for our second attempt at getting gelato. This time more successful than the first.

But not before asking Mr. Lenin to help us cross the street.

Because of their proximity to Lenny, as he is called, Royal Grinders includes a free mini “Lenny scoop” on top of every order of gelato. My picks for the evening was an awesomely delicious cinnamon toast with a Lenny scoop of risotto rice pudding.

I know what you’re thinking, what could they possible do after eating half of Seattle? Well, we went back to the house to finally sit down for a while and I fell asleep. Man I didn’t realize just how tired I was. Actually we were all tired. We struggled to stay awake while watching TV but wouldn’t you know, we actually debated whether or not to head back out to find some frozen custard [they were apparently giving away free cones on their first day of business] or to go to the Dahlia Lounge for more dessert. We figured we were going to go big or go bust.

We surprisingly decided against the custard and Dahlia lounge in favor of attempting to stay awake until it was time to trek back out in search of the Seattle special, hot dog with cream cheese. Now I know what you’re thinking: what the heck kind of combination is that?! Because I thought the same thing too but I was open to the idea and you know what, it’s actually pretty good. Good enough that I’d actually go and buy some more. The vendor we went to uses a caulking gun to spread the cream cheese onto the bun and then layers the dog and any other condiment on top.

We chowed down on the dogs on our walk back to the house and promptly went to bed. Not a bad way to end a whirlwind of a day. But man was that an awesome sleep.

Next up: my final half day in Seattle meets 3D glasses and more treats.

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