I’ll take a Seattle with a side of fries, please

We started Saturday bright and early since we had planned a pretty packed day, so we were out of the house and on our way to our first stop by 9 am.

And our first stop? Trophy Cupcakes.

Cupcakes for breakfast? Why not? We’re grown ups. Besides, we’d need the jolt of sugar to help power us through most of the morning’s activities. Amalia gave me a quick oral tour of Wallingford [where Dave Matthews lives and apparently once joined a pick up game of catch with a friend’s boyfriend] on our way to the first part of my “Trophy Cupcakes vs. Cupcake Royale throw down extravaganza.” It is quite possibly the cutest little store ever; much cuter than Sprinkles. And I will say that I like these cupcakes more than Sprinkles. Yeah I said it.

Anywho, Amalia had the carrot walnut cupcake and I opted for the red velvet, which was good despite being crumbly [I had cake stuck in my nails afterwards]. The frosting was very cream cheesy and not overly sweet, which I liked. In case the cupcake didn’t supply me with enough sugar, I added a cup of hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows that were divine and large [and I just realized that I didn’t get a picture of the cocoa – DOH!].

After getting our fill of cupcakes, coffee and cocoa, we made our way to the Space Needle, which is my new favorite tourist attraction. You can see the Needle from just about any point in downtown Seattle and I love that. So much so that when I was driving home from the airport on Sunday, I was disappointed to not see it in the skyline of San Francisco. The Transcontinental Pyramid’s got nothing on the Needle. We did head up to the observation deck to check out the amazing view of the city.

After descending from the Needle and rummaging through the gift shop [how convenient that the elevator down takes you right into the shop? Well, the better for me to pick up a Lego version of the Needle. Oh yes I did] we made our way to Pike Place Public Market, yes, home of the flying fish. But apparently flying fish are on the endangered species list because we only saw one go zipping through the air. Apparently the fish there are more expensive then at the other booths at the market so locals tend to go elsewhere. So they tossed fish in hopes of getting more business. Then people started coming to just watch them toss fish. So now they only toss fish when people buy them. Of course why buy a “flying” fish for 10 bucks [I’m guessing on the price] per pound when I can get the same fish for half price just a few booths down? I can make it fly myself.

At one of the other seafood places, they had these gigantic fish and scallops and shrimp and lobster tails. They all looked prehistoric large. Seriously, check it out:

Did you see the size of that donut? It was so large that instead of picking up the donut, that kid just put his head in the box and took a bite.

So to mark the 100th anniversary of the market, about a hundred of these piggies were put on display all around the area, some are dressed up very nicely, but we did not come across the fancier ones. Either way, you just knew that I was going to sit on it huh?

We took a quick break to pick up piroshkies for lunch and oh how I want another one. I had a potato, cheese and onion one that was just sublime. I can practically taste it right now. We walked around some more, made a stop at the “second” first Starbucks [only for a picture…can you believe I spent an entire weekend and didn’t go to a single ‘bucks?] and then went on a hunt for the Gum Wall.

It’s exactly as it sounds. In Post Alley there’s this brick wall that is covered in chewed gum. I’m not sure who started it, but people come by and stick their gum there. Sometimes they spell their names and little pictures or just stick random stuff, like a contact lens case.

Of course, when in Rome [or in this case, Seattle…]

Are you tired yet? Because I’m getting exhausted just proof reading the recap. Man I can’t believe we did that much and the day is only half over at this point. I know! Insanity! I mean, how much more stuff can you do after defacing a wall with chewing gum?

Oh the places we will go…stay tuned.

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