Farewell, my Seattle

After that long, exhausting and food filled day, we kept Sunday pretty casual. Besides the fact that I would be flying out later that afternoon.

We got tickets to check out Pixar’s Up in 3D that morning so set out in search of breakfast. We didn’t want to end up at Starbucks so we wandered around downtown in hopes of finding something, anything that could be eaten for breakfast that wasn’t cupcakes. We eventually made our way back to Pike Place Market and hoped to get crepes but since the place had just opened and was already filled with customers with only one employee, we had to abandon ship.

But we stumbled upon a little bakery near the fish throwers that was home of the Texas chocolate doughnut [the very same one from Saturday] that had the most delicious hunk of cheddar and onion bread. Oh my goodness, I wish we had each gotten two of those things, they were THAT good.

Up was such a fantastic movie. I loved it. I just love Pixar. They do a fantastic job of marrying adult and children humor fairly seamlessly. And Doug was my favorite character. Genius people, genius. It was also unexpectantly sad yet very touching. I did almost cry [just like in Wall-E] but, oh it was so sweet.

It did make Amalia pine for Fenton’s though. I do have to say that it’s weird watching a Pixar movie outside of the Bay Area because of all the local references that are peppered throughout the films. For what it’s worth, the people there probably thought they made up Fenton’s instead of being excited to see a local business there.

Anywho, after the movie, we made our way to Kerry Park to take in the Seattle skyline and just kick back. While we were there, we watched this fanatical guy try to take pictures of his wife and daughter. It was insane. He had his camera set up on a tripod and he was shouting directions to them on how to pose [a little to the left, a couple inches, no! go back…there!]. His daughter was so over the whole thing [and no, she wasn’t a teen] and it was kind of embarassing. I’ve seen professional photographers get better shots with less direction. Seriously. Just take the picture. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

From here, we still had some time to kill before heading off to the airport so we made a quick trip to the Capitol Hill area for that frozen custard we didn’t get the day before.

When we walked up to Old School Frozen Custard, we could already smell the fresh waffle cones they were making and boy did we kind of get overwhelmed with the choices. You can only eat so much frozen custard by yourself. Which is really just a shame. I would have LOVED to try out several of their offerings. This will definitely be a place I’ll visit again and again.  After what seemed like a painfully long decision, we both ended up getting the Home Room sundae [two scoops of vanilla frozen custard with brownie pieces, hot fudge sauce, whipped cream and topped with a cherry]. The custard is so much creamier than ice cream.

And that was pretty much the end of my visit. We made our way to the airport and my flight ended up getting delayed at little but it was okay because I ended up falling asleep in the terminal. It was a much needed nap. I really had a fantastic time in Seattle, albeit a quick trip. But I’m looking forward to visiting Amalia and JoAl again and hopefully have the bf along with me.

Because I can’t wait to hit up and eat all that food [and more] again. Mmm. I’m dreaming about every single bite.

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