iPhone or Android: Indecision 2012

Source: Android-Does

I’m finally turning in my ‘average phone’ for a smartphone. At first I was holding out because, well, I’m not exactly sure why. I guess I didn’t want to be super connected to the Internet (ha! What a novel idea) or see the need to always have access to my email. Besides, I definitely didn’t want to deal with the higher cellphone bills.

But now I’m finally going to make the jump to a smartphone. It’s really the only logical step now. As much as I’m on Twitter, it seems silly not to have access to it on my phone – texting my tweets no longer suffices. It sucks having to wait until I get home to see if anyone replied to me. My contract expired earlier this year and I’m up for an upgrade. I waited around to see if Apple was going to release a new iPhone before buying the 4s and when I heard word that there was a new iPhone on the horizon, I decided to wait.

Now that the iPhone5 is here, I can’t pull the trigger on purchasing the iPhone. This was what I was waiting for, so why all the doubts? I’m not exactly sure. The mister believes I should get an Android because of the new iPhone hasn’t done anything revolutionary with this newest version and several other reasons that I can’t remember. The iPhone seems like a good fit for me since I don’t really need anything too fancy with features (I know it doesn’t make sense but hear me out) and just want something that works right out the box.

And so I’m here, making my life unnecessarily impossible by overanalyzing my options and agonizing (not really) over this decision. First world problems at it’s finest. I can see myself researching my options to death and then deciding to get the iPhone because it’s the easiest decision.


Either way, be prepared to be Instagram’d to death by food pictures.