Mmm, ramen

I’ve got the BIGGEST craving for ramen. One of these days I’ll have to trek down to that Japanese restaurant and try their ramen out. Until then I’ll indulge on my instant ramen noodles. Mmmm, so good.

Temptation 1, Me 0

The gluttonous little piggy that I am has struck again. C was very kind enough to bring me a rice krispie treat shaped like a baseball from the lunch meeting today and it’s already gone. In less than 30 minutes. And I had just finished lunch when she brought it.

But it was damn delicious.


Since the computer is kaput, I’ll have to upload the few pictures that I do have at a later day and time. I really need a photographer on staff so he can take candid shots. There were plenty of times I wish I could have had a picture of me and bf as we just hung out. Especially at the picnic. Those pictures would have been so cute!