With her nose stuck in a book

I love reading. I have very fond memories of spending my Saturday mornings roaming around the children’s section of the public library in Modesto while my mom was at the Farmer’s Market out front (remember back in the day when you could leave your children unattended?) trying to find every single book featured on that week’s Reading Rainbow episode and a random day wandering around Barnes & Noble while my dad wandered around Barnes & Noble (we’re a book loving family).

It’s rare when I go to the bookstore with a specific book in mind to pick up; my usual MO is to wander through the store, pick up books that have interesting covers, read the synopsis, and if I’m interested, read a few pages. If I’m still interested in the book, then I’d buy it. If not, then I’d move on and repeat the process with a new book. The thing is, I love the feel of a well-worn book, there’s nothing like running your fingers over the creases in the spine and being able to easily fold it open while reading. I also love the smell of books, especially old ones (well, so long as they’re not musty or moldy). I really just love getting lost in a good book so when the kindle and all those reading apps came out, I will admit that I was one of those “I’m never getting a Kindle! Kindle’s kill books! I want my books! BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS!”

So guess who got a Kindle for Christmas.

And guess who’s reading has skyrocketed because of it. Actually, I’m not sure if it’s solely because I have a Kindle, though not having to put on pants to go get a book is a fantastic plus, or if it’s because I now have dedicated time to read since I’m commuting again and spend an hour on BART every day. Well, maybe it could be the Kindle, I did start reading a crate of books once I got it and even finished a few books I owned physical copies of after downloading them onto my Kindle. Anywho, I’m reading again. That’s the point.

I do enjoy being able to carry a small library in my purse without the extra weight of a book but I do miss having an actual book. I like being able to pick it up and feel the pages. I’ve been thinking about supplementing my personal library by purchasing hard copies of the books I read on the Kindle that I really loved. That way I get the best of both worlds. Or does that seem redundant?

I thought about this because, while I was reading the Count of Monte Cristo (yes, again) I really couldn’t help but miss my book. I guess there are just some books you just have to read in book form and the Count is one of those books for me. I wanted to feel the waxiness of the cover and the creases in the spine, turn the pages and see the slightly yellowed edges. You just don’t get that sensation when you’re holding a tablet and swiping your finger across the screen or pressing a button to turn the page. I guess I just don’t want to completely lose what I grew up with.

Honestly, I love looking at my bookcase and seeing all the books I read. It could be that simple reason why I’d want to repurchase books in hard copy just so I can add to my library. I’m sure the mister won’t be too excited but I envision having a room in our house like this:

Source: Ikea

Le sigh. You just can’t have that with Kindle! That is what dreams are made out of.

Will this be on the exam?

I received my GMAT 800 prep book today. So in the 12 or so hours that it has been in my possession, this is what I learned:

1. The GMAT is a computerized test. Suh-weet. So I don’t need to worry about lending someone my lead pencil the day before the test and then forgetting that I did that and having to scramble around to locate a store that is open an hour before the test time so I could buy a new one. That was one memorable SAT.

2. I hope that it’s not timed because I’m going to have to read and reread the logic problems at least 3 times before I get them.

3. I will have to attach myself to this book from now until I take the exam so I can effectively study. Which means that I will have to silently read out loud [while moving my lips] while on BART.

4. I’m so going to kick it’s ass.

Opening Pandora’s stupid unorganized box…

I am in the market for a new book. A book besides the GMAT 800 that Lola highly recommended I check out for my prep work. Lindsey was nice enough to let me read Children of Men and then waited impatiently for me to finish it, which I finally did last week. While it is a decent book, it was a tremendously slow read in the beginning and I was practically dreading my decision to read the book because the trailers for the movie looked so cool. You would think I’d learn my lesson about reading books because I think the characters in a movie were cool but apparently not. Then all of the sudden, stuff started happening and I couldn’t put it down.

I even sat in the car at the BART station to finish reading it. Huzzah!

The moral of the story is that I need to find another book. And soon. Before I’m attached to the prep book, which I need to look into buying. I need to do a lot of things. Like purge my tiny, tiny room of a whole lot of excess stuff. It would be a whole lot easier if I weren’t so attached to all that stuff. Yes, that includes the Wheaties boxes though I think that may be waning just a little? Maybe? I’m not keeping them for any monetary purposes because I doubt those would be worth anything, especially since one or two of them are missing their UPCs for a mail-in thing.

My room is a bit overwhelming with the amount of stuff in such a small place. I got the short end of the stick and was given the smaller room. For the first time ever I got the small room. It almost makes me wonder how much more stuff I’d be able to stuff in there with a bigger room. There’s a lot of things to look at just on the surface and then you realize that I have the tendency to stuff stuff in stuff [just like my favorite foods. Yum]. Open any drawer in my desk or check my closet or even under my bed and, while it’s organized, there’s still a lot of stuff.

Like my museum diorama I made for my Cultural Anthropology class that got me an A. And the boxes I got gifts in because they looked really cool and I like boxes. Besides, I could totally reuse them. Which I have since I, you guessed it, put stuff in them. Maybe I should head back to Ikea and get some of those organization boxes. I’ll do that once I figure out what stuff to keep and what to toss. I’m really not looking forward to that. You’ll be surprised to what gets pulled out of there. Like the putting mat that’s probably still under there. You saw how long it took me to drag that bucket of chalk from under there. Years.

My desk is a HUGE problem though. I need a cool way to display all the cards I get, because I save each and every one. Which would mean that I’d need to take something off the wall to put those up. Granted, there’s a lot less stuff on the walls then in past years. Plus, now that I’ve tapped into my crafty DIY-enabled genes, I’m going to need a place to put all my supplies now. The more I think about this, the bigger it becomes. Aye, why’d I even start?

And then there are the shoes in my closest, most of which I don’t even wear anymore but are in great condition. I could donate a lot of stuff, which I probably will. Might as well give it to someone who’ll actually use it then let it take up space [and right now I know the bf is so happy to be reading all of this]. I’ll keep my American Eagle boots for now because I’ll be going back and forth to Michigan and it does snow there from time to time and I hated walking around in my Nikes.

This is what happens: because I can’t half-ass things, I’ll have to go all out and this is going to take FORE-EH-VER [fore-eh-ver]. And I keep getting more inspirations and ideas the more I talk this through and I’m already making a mental shopping list of things to get from Ikea. Including these cute green striped boxes but I may just get these because I’ll have more for less. And then I can get slim boxes for underneath my bed…including tags/labels so I know what I put in and it’ll be easy to find stuff. Man, and then there’s the TV stand. Freakin’ a, why do I have so much stuff?

See how it started with purging things around my new dresser? And now I’m talking about going through my entire room. I MUST BE STOPPED.

Try it again, this time in complete sentances…

For all the pomp and circumstance the city’s public transportation offices are doing, they really have no clue what it will take to make us happy. The major complaint with the new T-metro line has been late and super packed cars. The response from the heads? Installing new software to make the transitions/turns faster. Um, okay. So you’ve shaved off 10 seconds for each car; great but those 10 seconds aren’t going to make the cars any less crowded. Unless you mean to get there sooner so more people miss that train. Why is it so hard to add a second car? They keep saying they’re riding the cars and are hearing great things about them but it’s apparent they’re lying through their teeth. There’s no way they’re on the same cars I’m on everyday. Where people complain about them everyday. It’s ridiculous.

Happy Birthday Jack!

Anyone know where I can get my hands on a Wii? Not right now since I’m banned from spending money [though I could very easily convince myself this is an essential purchase for my overall well-being], but eventually? Because I want one. I really do. I totally got addicted just playing with Abe’s when we went snowboarding. I’ve said it before but it would be so freaking fun to play. Not that I have too much time during the week to play but hey, that’s what weekends are for right? Oh yeah, I don’t have much time on the weekends either. Though now that the season finales are starting to air, I do have free time during the week. This would actually be the perfect time to start learning Korean. I managed to find a place in San Francisco that offers fairly affordable group classes. $350 for 8 weeks? That’s not too bad. I can get instant feedback and ask questions, which is exactly what I want to do, and meet new people. If I do this, I’ll probably wait until July or so, at least until after the wedding when I’ll have more time. Plus that’ll give me time to save up so I don’t have to worry about scraping together the cash sooner. I’d get home super late those days [4 straight days of coming home late] but if that means I may FINALLY start to master Korean then hey, that’ll be another thing to cross of my list of “Fun Things to do Before I Die.” I need to go back and cross a few things off the list [mainly snowboarding…hopefully I can cross of sky diving sometime soon].

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Run! She’s gonna charge!

The invites are done and ready to be printed and mailed. This is a HUGE relief. All I need to do now is figure out how to make those roses more consistently. Tonight, after I print them out and pack, I’ll be stuffing and getting ready to mail in the morning. Done and done.

I stopped at Rasputin’s and they had practically every other Johnny Cash cd but the Folsom Prison one I wanted. OF COURSE.

While I was wandering through Target trying to decide whether or not I should shell out for a travel pillow [I didn’t even though they are on sale this week], I ran into my ex’s ex-girlfriend. The one that didn’t like me because HE told her HE didn’t have a girlfriend before her and she found out about us through a mutual friend. So it makes sense that she got mad at ME right? Anyway, we had this thing during school; actually she had this thing with me during school and once I learned I made her day miserable by simply being spotted I started to make sure I’d walk past her. Yes, I’m petty but that seriously made me laugh. Never mind the time I made her cry for bothering me during a basketball game. I was TRYING to watch the guy I had a crush on [My Giant] and she was seriously invading my space. And then the time she thought I was following her when I was going to the store [did I mention the ex lived ACROSS THE STREET from me at the time? And like annoying punks, they drove slowly next to each other and I was trying to go to the store and back before the Simpons came on] and then she FOLLOWED me home and “confronted” me…and then started crying. I wanted to hit her when she started crying. That was when I finally decided I didn’t like her. Ugh. AND I missed the Simpsons. I was more upset about that because it was a new episode.

But I saw her in one of the aisles at Target and I was surprised. We didn’t say anything and just went on with our lives. Though I couldn’t help but notice that she was, well, she was looking hurt. She gained a lot of weight since high school and the frumpy hoodie sweater was not helping the cause. And she looked angrier than before. Is it wrong that I was pleased that I looked really cute yesterday? With even cuter hair and a kick ass ring on my finger? Is that petty? Yeah, but let’s just say I’m a kinder, gentler version of the Count of Monte Cristo. At least I didn’t bother to set out and destroy her; it just kinda happened. But she came to me.

I love that book. Seriously. Even reading it a second time has added a new level to the book. I’m still bothered by some parts of the descriptions [they seem lazy – the descriptions that is] but I’m noticing several different undertones to things that are done and said. And it’s just beautiful. If I didn’t already have a literary crush on the Count, I’d have one on Captain Maximilien Morrel. Oh Capt. Max. Le sigh.

Funny how my crushes now are all on fake people. See what the love of the right man will do? Only 2 more days! I’m getting more excited with each day. Getting through work is the hardest. That’s 9 solid hours I have before I’m done. Getting through the night is easy since I get home late and I’m only a couple hours from bedtime anyway.

Speaking of which, I was watching the last of the “I❤ New York” reunion special and cracked my butt when Tango dissed her. Seriously, that woman cannot catch a break. She got the boot on national television on THREE shows; two by the same guy and then on her own show! It’s probably her stank attitude. You’d think she would have learned that by watching the shows [as Tango did since he reference how he did not appreciate the way she talked trash about his mother and himself] and would have realized but her head’s so far up her butt she wouldn’t have noticed. Oh well. She wasn’t all that excited to be engaged to him anyway so why all the tears now? Yay for Tango for standing up to her like that. It was pretty funny. And so worth the brain cells I lost.

Which logically leads up to “Charm School.” People, if you are not watching this, you must start! I unabashedly love this show. Mo’Nique and Goldie are the best parts. Its great seeing Mo’Nique dressed the part of a school headmistress but cooler and I hope Goldie sticks it out if only for her hilarious commentary. I’m still trying to decide what animal Schatar’s, aka Hottie, weave is made out of but I keep expecting some kind of animal or bug to come creeping out of it. It really bothers me because it’s SO obvious that it’s fake. And horrible.

So watch it.

Is it Friday yet?