The wedding bells, they are a’ringing

“When are you getting married?”

If I were to create a FAQ for the mister’s and my relationship, this would be the first question we addressed. We’ve heard this question almost the entire length of our relationship and the answer was always the same, “We’ll let you know when it happens.” I’ve alluded to this a couple of months ago, I’m happy to finally reveal that yes, a wedding is happening. Next year in fact. In May.

So, uh…we’re engaged!

Now, our engagement story is befitting the nature of our relationship. It’s…different. Different in that there hasn’t been an official proposal with a ring yet. We’ve known for many, many, many the years that we would be getting married (that’s the reason why he gave me the promise for our first anniversary) and we’ve talked about it constantly. It was going to happen; we just didn’t know when. So when the mister moved out here in March, we knew things would start moving towards that goal. After several more discussions, we decided to just go ahead and get the ball rolling. So we picked a date and have been planning all summer.

Yes, we’ve been engaged since May and I’m just now announcing it. I know it’s a little strange but at first I wanted to wait until we had an actual proposal story to share but now that we’re closing in on 8 months until the big day, we realized that we would have to start telling people anyway since we need to get addresses and send out invitations. It would be a little weird for our friends to receive an invite to a wedding they had no idea was happening. And I’ll admit that I was worried about what people who say when they heard the news and I didn’t have the typical proposal story. It’s silly because a ring doesn’t make us engaged; the fact that we’ve decided to get married makes us engaged. Plus, this way just makes a lot more sense for us.

It took me a little bit to come to that conclusion, many thanks to the mister’s constant reassurances. He’s great like that. I should marry him. Oh wait, I AM!!

So there will be a proposal story in the future and I’ll share that when it happens. But until then, we’re prepping and getting things in place for our May wedding. I can’t believe I’m writing that about myself.

Of course I’m blogging about it so you can check out the wedding planning posts here at

We’re getting married!

Update your RSS Subscriptions!

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I totally want these pillows

In case you haven’t noticed, the URL of my little corner of the Internet has changed ever so slightly (dropped the /blog) so if you’re one of the 3 people subscribed to my blog, make sure you update the subscription URL accordingly so you can continue to not read what I don’t write.

Have fork, will travel

I’m getting ready to head up to Seattle for the fun and adventures that lay ahead of us for Amalia and JoAl’s wedding and I cannot wait to get started on my second attempt to eat Seattle.

But I’ll be back to update you on my trip and my failure to keep my weekly Running on Asphalt series going [it’s not like it’s a lot of work, it’s just enough work to discourage me from continuing on a weekly basis], the bf and my trip to IFly SF for some indoor skydiving [hopefully with video!] and possibly start to reveal my super top secret plans for my 30th birthday coming in August.

Yes, I’m going to be 30. In August. THIS AUGUST.

Until then, enjoy your Fourth of July weekend and I’ll see you next week!


I’m coming for you, Seattle. And I’m bringing my own fork

Everywhere but here

So the memory card reader on Sarge, my laptop, went kaput sometime in January. I don’t know why or how it happened but when I tried to upload the pictures I took from Monterey while the bf was visiting [I’ll write it about, I promise!] my camera program announced that there weren’t any pictures on the memory card. How could you say there are no pictures on the memory card, camera program? That’s funny, because I JUST saw them on the camera. Thinking my camera program was acting stupid, I decided to check directly with the drive and wouldn’t you know, Sarge told me to insert a memory card.

You mean the memory card that is currently in the G drive? That one? Because it’s already in there. Lies! Lies I say!

After a pretty involved chat with a Dell tech rep [in which she went all ghostwriter on my laptop and took control over it] I was left with the option of living with a broken card reader or relinquish Sarge for a week or so to have it repaired. Since Sarge is still under warranty I decided to just turn him over to get fixed. How often does something break while it’s still under warranty? I HAD to take this opportunity to get it fixed.

So alas, I will be laptop less for a little bit. Granted, my mom has offered me the use of her laptop and we do have the ginormous dinosaur downstairs but I foresee a future of limited Internet access until Sarge is returned, which is basically the longest, more drawn out way of saying I won’t be posting here for a bit.

This is where you roll your eyes and say, “So what’s new?”


Happy 4th of July!

Just wanted to wish you and yours a fun and safe Fourth of July. Get outside to enjoy the good weather, good food and great company. And save me some barbeque!

Also, enjoy the sneak peak of my new blog redesign. It’s a work in progress [thanks darling!] so feel free to keep checking back to see what’s new! I’ll let you know when the final design goes live. I’m working on a new writing schedule so hopefully that’ll help me get back into the mode of writing more often so you and my blog will be free from non-updates.

Independence day indeed.