Oh no, that one’s broken. Take it back.

On my drive home the other night I thought about how great it would be to be able to drive home and see the bf after a long day. Of course, a second later I realized I wouldn’t be able to do that, which led to the mini funk that led to the yesterday’s reaction to the somewhat innocuous statement. But I digress.

I was thinking of how we’ll eventually be living together. Me, living with a boy that isn’t my dad. What a step huh? We briefly talked about it during my visit. He doesn’t want me to have to deal with any potential crazy roommates, other than him but I can handle his brand of crazy – the question is can he handle my packrat ways because it’s going to happen. Eventually. It always creeps up no matter what I do. Even in a streamlined room I will find someplace to hoard my stuff. I most certainly will. It’s like a challenge. Oh and did I mention he completely vetoed my idea of having the color green be an accent color in every room? Because he so did. I’m still disappointed over that.

While in the beginning I wanted to wait until we were engaged before we moved in together, our situation doesn’t really work well with that option. To be honest, should the bf end up making the move to California, it would be kind of silly to have him settled in one place and me in another. We’re going to be together the majority of the time anyway so why waste the extra rent and just settle into one home from the get go? We know that we’re going to get married anyway so there’s no real worries on that part.

Naturally the parents would be the ones to voice any kind of disapproval. Considering that we sleep separately when we visit each other, that’s to be expected. Yes, even at the tender ages of 27 and 26 years. When you live at home you gotta respect the rules, no matter the age. We’re working under the assumption that his mom would disapprove unless we were engaged and even that is a maybe [that she approves] while my mom is on the record as saying that it would be better if we waited until we were married. Even if we were engaged first before we moved in together and would be getting married fairly soon afterwards.

Her concern is that something might happen and he would leave and I’d be “damaged.” I swear to you that’s what she said. Damaged. I had to stifle a laugh and ask her what exactly she meant by “damaged” but since she didn’t really elaborate I’m going to say that’s her euphemism for “knocked up.” I bet you five million dollars.

DAMAGED!! In this day and age! Who thinks that kind of stuff these days? I mean, besides my mom? I figure, if there’s a time to figure out how we live then there’s nothing wrong with figuring it out before we get married so we can work them kinks out, no? What’s the real difference? Besides the obvious. I can ask myself the same question, what’s the difference by waiting until I’m engaged? It just looks better. Oh, well then, so there you go.

But you know I have to do what’s best for me and my relationship, even if that means potentially doing things that the parents won’t fully approve of. I can live with that. Besides, once I’m out on my own, what more can they really say?

Oh snap! My mom has definitely raised an All-American child.

Exchange of the week:

talda: so i brought up the topic of me & the bf living together to mom and she said it wasn’t a good idea. that smthg might happen and i’d be “damaged”


talda: i know! what’s next? talk of a dowry? crap, now that he and i live together i’m only worth a couple of chickens instead of a cow and some goats

Eavesdropping on…even more conversations at work

Coworker D: Speaking of which…This homeless guy got on Bart this morning and stood next to this pregnant woman. Now normally I wouldn’t have thought any more of it than “oh man that sucks, he must stink”. But based on my knowledge of pregnant women and their sense of smell I wanted to cry for her.
Talda: you’ve adopted some super sensory powers yourself with the wife’s pregnancy
Talda: now you like, have feelings and care and stuff
Talda: what is up with that?
Coworker D: :-O
Coworker D:: I don’t know what you’re talking about
Talda: yeah. you care about other people now. you exhibit empathy!

She’s just two left turns from eating their children…

I am so ready to go home and relax but since we have an event today the office is open all day. I was hoping we’d get that half-day email alert but nope. But that’s okay; I was already mentally prepared to work a full day anyway.

I am looking forward to the three-day weekend though. I’ll be heading up to my Aunt’s house tomorrow for the family barbeque. It’s been a few years since I last showed my face at a family event [I think the last one was Christmas in 2005!] and it’ll be good for me. Besides, they are family you know.

Other than that I have no plans for this weekend. Which is really nice. I can just relax and alternately sleep and eat and watch TV. Or at least look at the TV. Maybe I’ll finally get around to cleaning my room and updating The Binder with all the wacky new ideas I came up with since the last version [I have no idea which version wedding I’m on at the moment…the sequel 5.0?]. Never hurts to keep things up to date you know. Besides, I need that hardcopy to be reflective of my online versions because I’m not always going to be on my computer and I would like to pull it out on the rare occasions that I actually show someone [actually, the only person I do show the book to is Lindsey…who is also the lucky recipient of all the txt messages and IMs of my latest and greatest ideas].

But I definitely need to pare down the stuff that’s accumulated in my room. I don’t know where it’s coming from; no wait, I do, but it still needs to go. And I could use a good vacuum and dusting while I’m at it. And I might as well change the sheets in my bed. And now that I just added three more items to my checklist I’m pretty sure my chances of getting any of it done has gone down proportionately. Whew, just thinking about those chores is making me sleepy. Oh wait, I should save that excuse for later.

So I had the following exchange with Pat the other day:

Patrick: Jeremy said he gives you crap trades becuz it looks like u don’t manage your team so he figured u don’t care

Talda: Well, I don’t care but that doesn’t give him license to constantly insult my intelligence. Obviously I know enough to not bite at his offers.

Patrick: Yah I was telling him yesterday that u know ur baseball so good luck tryin to get hanley and whoever. He said he’ll make better offers

Talda: Besides, I have more important things to worry about. things like my hair. LOL. Don’t tell him that part!

Patrick: Hahahahahahaha.

And guess who got another trade offer for Carlos Quentin, Jose Guillen and Carlos Lee for Johan Santana and Hanley Ramirez. The same exact trade he always makes. So much for making better offers.

But I have to give credit to my coworker for responding with this gem after I emailed him about the latest trade offer: “who does he expect you to play at SS? I love when people propose trades like this…three B-‘s for two A+ Quality stuff.”


And yes, I did threaten the other boys with physical violence against their “jewels” should I get another ridiculous trade request again. Let’s see if they try it again.

I say three days until the next one.

Yup, still boycotting the Olympics

I had the pleasure of this little exchange yesterday:

Mel: Nickelodeon has a show hosted by Quddus that’s part dance party show/reality show. It’s weird and makes me feel HELLA old!

Talda: Yeah I saw that and had flashbacks to that dream where he tried to kidnap me! Not good for the psyche.

Mel: That was actually the FIRST thing I thought of when I saw him!!! Natasha is on this week’s show, which is why I watched it

So let me back track a bit. Some time ago [I’m trying to find the original post I wrote about it] I had a dream that the former MTV VJ Quddus had attempted to kidnap me and for a long time afterwards, every time I saw him I’d literally start to feel anxious and kind of scared. Seriously, I could feel my heart start to race as soon as I saw him. It was really weird. Anyway, I eventually got over that and then he disappeared and I forgot about everything until I started seeing commercials for that dance party thing on Nick [I watch a lot of Nickelodeon – not such a big surprise huh?] and at first I wasn’t even sure if it were him but sure enough, it was and then I remembered the dream. Let’s just say that I probably won’t be watching that show. Ever.

But I am excited to hear the news that Wicked is coming back to San Francisco in January for an extended run! I’m FINALLY going to see Wicked! I’ve only wanted to see it since it first opened during it’s pre-Broadway run. I am so going. Dude, I’d buy tickets right now if I could just to make sure that I do get to go. I loved the basic premise of the show and then decidedly fell in love with the book [though I must say, the other book I read from the author didn’t move me the same way]. That being said, who’s coming with me?!

With all the news of airlines going bankrupt and canceling flights, it must be said that I will never fly without travel insurance ever again. At first I thought it was a bit of a waste of money but after the bf made sure that I bought some for my tickets last December just in case of any unpredictable Michigan weather, and seeing what is going on now, well that was obviously a smart idea that I will continue to employ for a long while. That’s got to be frustrating. You plan your vacation then buy your tickets and hotel, rental car, activities reservations and patiently wait to go only to find out that day that you can’t leave. Ugh, I don’t know what I’d do. Of course trying to find replacement tickets at the last minute will cost you your first child AND your right arm.

I don’t know where I’m taking this post. Maybe I’ll just stop and go back to working out some math. Oh, I finished Obama’s epic speech on race yesterday and wow. That was a pretty good speech. I’m glad I read it. Maybe after reading it I can go back and sit through the video. Um…maybe.

You might want to remind him there’s no crying in football either…

Is it possible to sleep on your eye wrong?

I woke up this morning and my left eyeball is sore. Sore like it hurts a little when I move it to look the side. It’s strange. I don’t really know what could have happened while I slept but I did notice that I didn’t move much during the night. In fact, I was still in the same position I had fallen asleep in. Let’s just say it was a strange night all around.

As long as my eye doesn’t fall out I’m sure I’ll be okay. Right? Just kidding. I know I will. Right?

My parents have been sick this weekend, as apparently are Lindsey and the nieces. It’s like the whole world is sick. Jeez folks. Thankfully so far I’m okay and hopefully I’ll stay that way. Lord knows I don’t like to be bothered with being sick.

And apparently I have 100 hours of sick time banked.

But moving on, Saturday was uber-busy as I predicted. I didn’t get to make the crepes this weekend so maybe I will next weekend. All I have to do is pick up the mushrooms and Swiss cheese. After tussling with my hair, I made my way up to Fairfield to pick up some gifts for the Helen’s [my surfing buddy] baby shower. I go to Babies R Us with a registry list all printed out thinking I’m going to go in, find the things and head out. Oh, but I completely forgot that I’m 1] suck at finding things in a store, 2] don’t have the patience to look for things and 3] this is baby stuff. So here I am, with this piece of paper staring into a warehouse of baby stuff. It would have been fine had I remembered that half the stuff was only available online but I didn’t. Because I’m silly. Anywho, I proceeded to wander in a pathetic attempt to find anything remotely close to what was on the list that I could afford. I even sent a pathetically desperate txt to the bf about my plight, who calmly, though I could detect a slight hint of “oh my god. Is she seriously tripping off this?” in his voice, told me to just ask for help. Now, if it were that easy. There were employees, believe it or not, but they were either at the registers cashing people out or fussing over the pregnant couples coming in to register. No time for the obviously lost and out of place non-pregnant woman wandering the store with a piece of paper and a furrowed brow and oh, disposable cash. When I did spy a random employee, they would scamper out of the way before I could clear my throat to flag them down.

Anyway, so finally the registry desk was open and I go and tell the girl that I’m inept at trying to find these things and can she help. So she reprinted the registry for me [which helped since it listed the location and what the physical store had in stock] and then proceeded to explain the entire concept to me. This is what I get. I wasn’t really serious when I said I was inept lady. But thanks for letting me know that the “back wall” marker on the page meant I could find the product on the back wall. That was so helpful. I was so annoyed. Especially since sometimes the LOCATION WAS WRONG. Like, the blanket I got totally wasn’t on the back wall at all but ON THE SIDE END CAPS. See, that was not written on the paper. Anyway, half the baby clothes wasn’t available because they had registered for organic cotton. Okay, a side bar. So I totally railed against that. I mean, organic cotton? It doesn’t matter. The baby’s not gonna know the difference. At the shower the next day, the hostess said she was thinking the same thing when Helen explained that it was all her husband’s doing. She didn’t care but he did. They both work for labs and are around chemicals all day so she figured that he just wanted to try to keep the baby as “pure” as possible. But I digress, I finally located the two items I wanted to buy, the organic chicken rattle [which was really cute and I wanted to keep it] and an organic receiving blanket. Turns out I managed to score the coveted rattle since 2 other guests asked me if I bought it online since the store they went to didn’t have any in stock. Total score.

So after that harrowing experience [and calling to thank Marilu for not registering for anything organic], I made my way over to the Napa outlets to spend the Christmas money the bf’s mom gave me. And boy did I. I was able to buy 3 pairs of pants for work from Ann Taylor, which is my new favorite go-to store for work clothes. There were some cute wrap shirts but I picked up the wrong size and didn’t feel like getting the right one to see if it would be cute on me too so I just didn’t bother with it. There were quite a few things in the store this time that I really liked but I was intent on only using what I had gotten from his mom so I couldn’t splurge. But the best part was I got one pair of pants for half off! I love unexpected savings [I even got the chicken rattle for 30% off too that I didn’t notice until much later that day when I went over my receipts]. The retail therapy worked wonders on my mood.

I got home with enough to time goof off a bit before settling in for our weekly movie with the bf. This week’s movie was Half Nelson that was recommended by a coworker. I’ll never listen to him again. Let’s just say I’m 0-fer the last few movies I picked and the bf is going to continue the torture by letting me pick the movies until I get it right. Sigh. Why can’t we like the same kind of movies? How many times did he veto me when we went to Hollywood video? There were some charming moments in the movie but not enough to carry the film. At one point I was wondering what the whole point of it was, not a very good sign.

I had to leave church early to make it to the baby shower in Berkeley. It was a Helen’s neighbor’s house, which was awesome. I wanted her house. They even have a koi pond! The shower was quite enjoyable. It was a brunch and very intimate, just 11 of us. We played Baby bingo that got quite competitive and became a thriller towards the end [I was one away from 3 different bingos!] and thankfully the opening of the presents when by in a flash since there weren’t too many to begin with. And that was my weekend. Crepe-less.

Now if only the Patriots would lose. The world would be perfect.

Txt Conversation of the week:

Talda: So how about dem Cowboys?
Pat: We’re not friends for at least a week. U and the umbrella made T.O. cry =’(
Talda: HAHA I KNOW! It was AWESOME! making t.o. cry was an unexpected achievement
Pat: You’re evil!
Talda: u say it like it’s a bad thing
Pat: U better leave my boys alone next year! You’ve already had enough vengeance.
Talda: but it’s so much fun!
Pat: Ass
Talda: Such a potty mouth!