Looking good on paper

I got the most wonderfullest things in the mail a couple of weeks ago: my MBA.

OMG y’all: I’m a Master of Business Administration.

How wonky does THAT sound?

But it’s true, I have the degree to prove it; all framed and awesome looking. I had my bachelor’s degree for almost 8 years before I finally framed it and it was only because I felt weird about framing my MBA first [which I had for two, count them TWO days]. Yes, I did really frame the bachelor’s first.

I know its just a piece of paper with a name on it, but it’s a piece of paper with MY name on it!

Honestly, I can’t believe its been two years. At times it went by quickly while simultaneously going by so slowly, but isn’t that always the case? I felt that way during undergrad; I couldn’t wait to be done but when I was, I couldn’t believe it had happened so fast. It felt like I had just started and now it’s over. But with that sad wistful feeling comes the realization that I won’t have to pretend to have read the readings and worry about writing papers and doing group projects. And that, my friends, is an intoxicating realization.

I had a great two and a quarter years at St. Mary’s. I met some really fabulous people and I had a ton of laughs. Of course I learned stuff, which is the whole reason why you go to grad school, most of which has actually stuck with me [which is probably more than what I can say about high school and undergrad!]. But like with high school and undergrad, sometimes its more about what you learned outside of the classroom. Things like how to civilly express your displeasure with someone without having to roll your neck and get loud [this method makes you appear even scarier and is a lot more effective]. That one will come in handy in the board room.

My last quarter in school was quite possibly one of my favorites. Not because the classes were absolutely stellar [one was, the other…not so much] but because I adored the people in my class and the professor. They made sitting in class for nearly four hours bearable and actually fun. My Ethics class was really enjoyable and I don’t think I’ve been involved in such enlightening and interesting discussions in the entire two years I was there. We actually had a strong chemistry that made the discussions so much fun, plus the professor was just a load of awesome sauce. Seriously. I honestly looked forward to this class every week. I couldn’t really say that about most of my classes.

As my grad school adventure comes to a close, I think back about all I went through to get this piece of paper with my name on it and I’m glad I did go back to school. This is not a path for everyone and while I didn’t have a clear vision on why I was really going back to school, I’m so so glad I did. Earning my Masters is a great accomplishment that I am incredibly proud of. I worked hard for this degree [well, mostly hard]; I did the work, wrote the papers, took the exams, kind of did the readings, I showed up for class. I really put in the time and effort and it resulted in a beautiful MBA.

An MBA with my name on it.

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