Everywhere but here

So the memory card reader on Sarge, my laptop, went kaput sometime in January. I don’t know why or how it happened but when I tried to upload the pictures I took from Monterey while the bf was visiting [I’ll write it about, I promise!] my camera program announced that there weren’t any pictures on the memory card. How could you say there are no pictures on the memory card, camera program? That’s funny, because I JUST saw them on the camera. Thinking my camera program was acting stupid, I decided to check directly with the drive and wouldn’t you know, Sarge told me to insert a memory card.

You mean the memory card that is currently in the G drive? That one? Because it’s already in there. Lies! Lies I say!

After a pretty involved chat with a Dell tech rep [in which she went all ghostwriter on my laptop and took control over it] I was left with the option of living with a broken card reader or relinquish Sarge for a week or so to have it repaired. Since Sarge is still under warranty I decided to just turn him over to get fixed. How often does something break while it’s still under warranty? I HAD to take this opportunity to get it fixed.

So alas, I will be laptop less for a little bit. Granted, my mom has offered me the use of her laptop and we do have the ginormous dinosaur downstairs but I foresee a future of limited Internet access until Sarge is returned, which is basically the longest, more drawn out way of saying I won’t be posting here for a bit.

This is where you roll your eyes and say, “So what’s new?”


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