Running on Asphalt: Week 2.11

Another week down! I was quite pleased with my effort and results this week. Sidebar: I had to retype ‘results’ like, 3 times before I had it right. And I made the SAME mistake each time. This is why I only came in 2nd in the 4th grade spelling bee at French Camp Elementary. The prize? A dictionary, as if to say, hey kid, nice try trying to spell. Here, have a dictionary and practice some more. How insulting. Then again, I think the winner got a dictionary as well so maybe not as insulting.

But I digress, I made up a new route that I ran the last two runs of the week which minimized the hill exposure to one massive hill and one small slope. Its nice not dealing with hills but that one massive hill is a life sucker by itself. I really like this new route and will probably keep using it until I decide I want to change it up again. Maybe sometime next week. The most encouraging was that, on my third run, I had came thisclose to not going out at all. I just couldn’t muster up the motivation to go but eventually got myself going. Progress!

Day 1:

Distance: 3.39 mi
Time: 42:10 mins
Notes: All walking breaks were included in the time and distance and I took my first break at 1.33 mi. I did manage to run up the first slope/hill and then ran the equivalent of another 3/4 of a hill afterward. Yay me!

Day 2:

Distance: 3.11 mi
Time: 35:22 mins
Notes: Walking breaks included until 2.45 mile mark. After that, I only time/measured actual running intervals. This was the first day of my new made up route. I think changing up my routes every so often will help me to maintain interest in running. No one wants to run the same route over and over. Also, since I usually run around the same time, give or take, I think changing my routes is a pretty good safety measure. Makes assassinations a bit harder. I also walked the massive hill and was still out of breath at the top of it.

Day 3:

Distance: 2.39 mi
Time: 26:34 mins
Notes: This was the day that almost didn’t happen. I ended up getting out about 2 or so hours after my usual time because I just couldn’t convince myself to go out right at that moment. Then I had to tell myself that there wasn’t only one time that I was able to run so if I wanted to wait, it was okay [I tend to very easily get stuck in ruts and schedules and if it doesn’t happen at that prescribed time, then it can’t happen. Very silly, I know]. Off I went and while I didn’t hit my minimum distance, I was pleased with what I did do. I didn’t include any walking distances so this was the exact mileage I actually ran. I took my first break at 1.62 miles, which was an improvement from the first day and I still walked the massive hill, though I felt a bit stronger.

Week 2 stats:

Total distance: 8.9 mi
Total time: 1:44:26 mins
Weight [today]: 145.7 lbs

Pat’s challenge: 1st place [Pat’s in second at 6.38 mi]
Personal goal [50 mi by 2/14]: 32.4 mi to go

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