Will work for money

Its been a while since my last TPS Report. So what’s been going on? A whole lot of not much.

So far I’ve applied to a lot of jobs, been on one interview [side note: that job was originally a part-time position. Found out in June they turned it into a full-time position. Interesting] and had no call backs. Is it discouraging? Sure, it can be, but you know what? I don’t really care about all those no’s. All I need is just one yes.

I am on a mission for that yes.

There has been a slight upswing in the job search as of late. There was another job lead at the old office but I decided not to apply. It sounds silly, especially since I’m really ready to go back to work and actually earn a paycheck, but it was essentially another executive assistant position. In fact, it was the position that was discussed as a possible avenue for me before I was laid off as part of possible department restructuring. Ironic isn’t? But I know how it works there and I know that moving up is hit or miss and I really didn’t want to go back to doing a primarily administrative position.

I did find an awesome opportunity at a dream company that I was quick to apply for and pray that I get it. Its not a marketing position but it is a related marketing function. Besides, it is an amazing opportunity that just sounds a million eleventy kinds of awesome and one I know I can do really, really well. Like, really well. All I need is the chance to show them just how awesome I can be.

Can I really afford to be picky? Especially now? Probably not but I’m not in desperate straits either. Yes, I do feel that living at home has afforded me the luxury of being selective and I have definitely been taking advantage of that but I’m going to be spending the majority of my time at this place, I might as well be excited about the work I’m doing and like where I’m at. I worked a job I was miserable at and I will never do it again. Nothing’s worse than trying to hold back tears while at work.

Even the imagined coconut-chucking monkeys won’t help. Trust me.

One thought on “Will work for money

  1. robelene says:

    i know you’ll find what you’re looking for. you deserve to be in a position that makes you happy. good luck🙂

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