Like one of those broken round things

There are a TON of things I want to write about but its always a little hard to get that motivation to actually sit down and write it down. I have all these great ideas and sit down to write it but then I hit that stupid block that makes everything I write sound so insanely tedious, like I’m trying too hard to be witty and funny and you know how much I prefer to make it look like everything came together so effortlessly even though I was just running around like a headless chicken. I can be breezy.

I really don’t like coming through the blog and seeing so many empty dates on that calendar. Maybe I should get rid of it. Hmm. Its just an interesting change from my Xanga days and the early days of this spot because I used to write every day, a lot of it about nonsense but it was something. I have noticed a bit of an evolution in my blog posts though: they’re a whole lot more focused than they used to be, which is a lot easier to read, believe you me. I almost cringe a little when I read through the archives. You can call me Cringer. Except I’m not really lazy. or cowardly. At least, not really.

The problem is, I get a lot of ideas while I’m driving and there’s no way to write them down and by the time I get home, I’ve forgotten the brilliant plot I had so cleverly imagined. I’ve been thinking of either recording my rambles as I drive or doing the occasional vlog to help keep the writing flowing. I think it would be fun, the vlog thing. Though I will warn you that I probably don’t sound like you’d expect.

Or maybe I do.

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