Outside my box

Last night, while who knows how many people sat around to find out where a self-absorbed multi-millionaire was going to play next season:

He’ll be in Miami – in case you were wondering

The country continues to fight a war in another nation, sending scores of men and women home emotionally and physically broken:


People are still losing their jobs and finding it hard to find work. And the Senate still hasn’t come to an agreement on the Federal Extended Unemployment Benefits so millions of people who are on extended benefits are not receiving ANY money for the foreseeable future [in case you’re wondering, I’m on my 3rd week with no check yet still have bills to pay. Including my COBRA so I can still see the doctor].


Oil continue to spill into the Gulf:


And a former white BART police officer, with a history of cover ups, was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter of an unarmed black BART passenger on New Years Day in 2009. A passenger that was restrained, on his stomach, and held down by other officers.A mother lost her son, a daughter lost her father, and hundreds of people lost the little hope they had left in a system they feel let them down again. The incident resonated with many people simply because this easily could have been them.

And a city that is only 30 minutes away, where friends and family live, that has been wrecked with negative press, remains on edge following the verdict.

[this series of photos from SF Gate]

So excuse me as I did not fall prey to the sensationalism that was the “LeBron Decision.” As I have made my living peddling sport and plan to do so again in the future, trust me when I say it’s a business and there are other, more important things to be worried about. It’s an odd story of two twenty-somethings. One on top of the sports world with a free agent decision special never seen before and other who lost his life two years ago in a tragedy that could have been prevented. Why do we care more about the former than the latter?

Let’s keep things in the right perspective.

2 thoughts on “Outside my box

  1. robelene says:

    great post🙂 i honestly thought irm was joking when he first told me about the “press conference.” that was so lame. glad i didn’t watch it.

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