Blog: use it or lose it


Sometimes its a good thing that I don’t have a blog editor. It’s bad enough knowing that it’s been weeks since my last post but to drive by the good old blog and see a nice little reminder note that I’m a horrible blog mother and I abandoned my dear blog baby AGAIN? I just don’t want to worry about that.

So I wish I could really update you on what’s been going on but there hasn’t been much between my dad’s hospital stays and my severe procrastination on my term projects for school [which, by the way, I received A’s on. Score!].

Oh, so can I tell you how I was presenting my industry analysis on Major League Baseball [seriously, obsess much?] and halfway through my presentation I had a momentary freak out and worried that I was boring people? My presentation just kept dragging on and on and ohmygosh how much more talking do I have to do?! I was fascinated by my research but I don’t think everyone shared my excitement. Oh well. I’m just surprised I got away with an A on that paper. I felt very accomplished; especially knowing that I was up for almost 24 hours to get that done. Go me.

Note to self: NEVER do that again.

I was seriously thanking God that I didn’t have a job to worry about showing up for. If I did, I would have been so screwed. At least once I printed my paper and presentation, I was able to get some sleep. Sleep was it’s own best reward.

Oh! I do have the pictures from the photo shoot the bf and I had with Eddie way back in February. If you’re on my Facebook then you’ve already seen them, but if not, then just you wait. Hopefully I can get them posted here this week. Let’s hope I didn’t just lie to myself there.

So here’s what I have on tap for potential blog topics [while we’re already setting up expectations]:

1) My shipping debacle with Alibris and subsequent distress it caused me at school [me? Unprepared? SHENANIGANS!]

2) The photo shoot – complete with pictures!

3) Dealing with grief – this is probably more for me than anyone else but I’m certain it’ll help. Me. Of course.

4) Having cable! And a new TV! Well, hopefully a new TV. Depends on when the PX gets their act together. Get your act together, Post Exchange. THAT’S AN ORDER!

5) Why I’d suck as a Army soldier

6) Poll some ideas for a new blog makeover – what features should I beg the bf to add?

7) I’m still running! Wait, did I even tell you I was running?

Hopefully this will be enough to grease the gears of my mind and keep the Blog Protection Services agents away.

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