So glad the books don’t hit back

Considering that I’m getting ready to take my final exam and final class presentation this week, I should catch you up on my classes this quarter. Yay?

It’s been a busy quarter for sure. I didn’t make the best decision to take Managerial Accounting and Marketing Research at the same time. There was just so much work to do every week. Well, that was more for the research class than anything else. Managerial accounting only felt like it was a lot of work because it was soooo drrrrrryyyyyyy.

The accounting professor is interesting, to say the least. He’s a new professor at the school and is still adjusting to the reality of teaching us. We are well aware of his difficulties with the first class and have been warned accordingly. It’s not like he’s a bad professor. He is very knowledgeable on the subject and does make sure we understand the material; it’s just that he doesn’t have the best awareness of time or time management. We went over constantly, at break AND at the end of class. If he were more conscious of time, he’d be well on his way to being a pretty good professor.

My marketing research class has been a beast though. The professor warned us at the beginning of the quarter that this was going to be a labor intensive class but we could not begin to imagine what that would entail. We have a quarter long group project where we needed to conduct a full-fledged marketing research program on a product or service of our choosing, complete with focus groups and data analysis. And this wasn’t something we could even procrastinate on because we had a deliverable due EVERY WEEK on top of weekly homework. No wonder she told us to make sure we didn’t have a lot of other things going on in our lives while taking this class.

I came into this class thinking I liked marketing research, and while I do still like it, I like implementing programs more than analyzing the data. Granted, it’s not like we have to do the numbers by hand, thank you SPSS, but going through and making sense of the numbers? I don’t have the patience for that unfortunately. I think I can do it; I know I can with more practice, it’s just not my absolute favorite thing to do. I’d prefer to  just know what the numbers mean and make my decisions from there but it’s always a good thing to know how the numbers actually came to be.

But what is the most exciting is that I’m now on track to finish the program next December! That’s a whole quarter earlier than I anticipated, provided the class schedule continues to work in my favor. I am so stoked. Granted, I’ll still have to wait until May to walk in the commencement ceremony but still. I will be DONE. In two years. TAKE THAT BERKELEY HAAS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS.


My bitter may be showing.

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