A November in Michigan

It’s been years since I was last in Michigan in November. It is usually just starting to get cold but the snow is still holding off for the time being and there is a crispness in the air. It’s the typical midwestern fall feel: the chill in the air, the leaves changing colors, hoodie sweaters and scarves and white hot chocolate from Caribou Coffee. Ahhh. I always enjoyed the Michigan fall.

IMG_3281Somewhere over Illinois…

I thoroughly enjoyed this trip with the bf, yes as always. It felt like it took forever for the 13th to come so I could finally go to the airport. Thankfully the flights were uneventful except for the fake Gucci bag lady [I mean, who do you think you’re fooling with that purse?] who thought she could stuff her carry on suitcase under the seat. Um, no you can’t. Thank goodness the flight attendants saw that epic fail and took her bag to stow underneath. Because if I had to use the bathroom but couldn’t because her bag was all in the way, I was NOT going to be a happy camper. And last I checked, airlines aren’t so understanding about mid-air altercations.

Anywho, I was just glad to be back in my bf’s arms. As typical of our trips, we spent some time in Ann Arbor wandering around campus just because. I actually had to get used to there being students actually on campus. It was kind of weird, to tell you the truth. Especially since we were both older than everyone else. We spent Saturday afternoon on campus as well, taking in a somewhat warm day. The sun was out people! The sun! After coffee and scones on the Diag, we played a few games at Pinball Pete’s [where I was totally cheated out of tickets from the Skee-ball machine. WEAK], we made our way to North Campus in hopes of finding the Wave Field.

IMG_3286Brunch on the Diag


After a few wrong turns [and a delightful trip through a random engineering building], we finally made it. While I have only been to the Wave Field I think once while I was a student, I hadn’t been there during the day so I wasn’t exactly sure where the field was located, except that I remember walking with a group of people from my floor down a street and turned a corner. Not exactly helpful [but I did eventually lead us to the general location!].




Some of my favorite moments of my trip were the little moments: moments like sitting on the mound and talking about what we were going to do later that day and more talk of our future together [oh, so no there wasn’t a proposal or talk of a proposal so don’t get too excited], stealing kisses in the afternoon sun, cuddling and holding hands, playing with the little toy we won with our tickets at the arcade. There’s something extraordinarily special about being an ordinary couple.


Oh the toy?


Meet my newest addition to my growing collection of stuff: Pete, the eleduck.


I’ve decided that Pete will be our official traveling buddy. He’ll be joining us on every trip we take from here on out and I’ll be taking his picture. I know it’s silly [and completely something I’d do] but I like it. So here’s his first picture.

We spent the rest of the weekend at the house with his family. He always apologizes for there not being much to do in Flint but I don’t mind it at all. To be honest, sometimes I really don’t want to do anything but just hang out, even if we’re just hanging out at home. I don’t always have to be doing something. That and I really love his family. They all make me feel so loved and welcomed every time I visit and I sincerely enjoying spending time with them as well. I feel very blessed that I can settle down and have a honest to goodness conversation with his mom. Yay for not having to deal with the in-law crunchiness that some people have to negotiate. And can I say just how much I adore his maternal grandparents? They are a hoot! Especially his Grandfather. I adore him, he’s so fun to talk to. I’m still amused how hard he is campaigning for me to move to Michigan.

We did catch “Where the Wild Things Are” and I was a little let down. I know there isn’t much to the book [which I still love] but the movie felt a little thin to me. The bf did not enjoy it at all. I looked over at him halfway through and I just KNEW he didn’t like it. Oh well. Not like I’ve never picked a movie he didn’t like before and I’m sure it won’t be the last time either!

On my last night in Michigan, we went out on a nice little date to a sushi restaurant on campus. We got dressed up and everything and had a nice time out. After sushi we ended up downtown at a Starbucks enjoying the last few hours of the night before turning in for an evening of Family Guy, The Office, and a new episode of The Seeker. What can I say? I’m a bit of a lazy homebody.

We’ll just say that Tuesday was the hardest day. I’ll have to wait a bit to elaborate on that because I still get a little teary thinking about it. Sigh. I love my boyfriend and I miss him every day.

But soon, soon we won’t have to say goodbye anymore.

4 thoughts on “A November in Michigan

  1. inga says:

    Aw this was beautiful Teana. I’m so happy that you enjoyed your visit back to Michigan. I totally feel you on having an “ordinary” relationship, where small things are so special and so significant. *sigh*
    One day, one day…

    Anyway, glad you had a lovely time.🙂

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