The blogger’s new clothes

I have decided to do a bit of a career makeover.

No, I’m not planning on changing careers. I like what I do and where I work. What I am looking to change is my wardrobe.

Seems simple enough, yes, but as someone who needs convincing to spend money [when I’m not already in the mood to spend, spend, spend] but this is something that I need to do. I notice that I’ve been walking differently since buying my wedges, and not because I’m now technically walking on heels, but there’s a certain clip that I have now that wasn’t present when I was shuffling along in my flats. I know I can get cute flats too but let me establish myself in my wedges first.

But my main point is I need to invest in some new clothes. I really do. It would make getting ready in the morning a lot easier and I am getting tired of the shirts I do have. And maybe another pair of pants. I don’t wear skirts or dresses to work…I could, I just choose not to.

That said, I need shirts. Lots and lots of shirts, blouses, tops, sweaters; whatever you want to call them; I need them. That’s where most of my issues stem from in the mornings. Half the shirts I own I don’t really want to wear anymore and the other half I wear all the time. And there are some shirts in the latter category that are slowing making their way to the former and I cannot wear my large collection of t-shirts to work. And because I can’t wear my t-shirts and I already wore that nice shirt the day before and it’s too warm for a sweater, I stand there in front of my closet just as confused as ever.

That is why I hate weekday mornings. Plus, who wants to make such a heavy and pivotal decision mere moments after wiping the sleep from your eyes? And this is the decision that you’ll live with for the next 12 hours or so! That’s too much pressure too early in the morning.

What? Pick out what I want to wear the night before? Sure, if I wasn’t positive that I’d change my mind upon waking up [happens 8 times out of 10]. I usually decide what to wear according to the weather report [yup, because in the Bay Area there are 4 different climate zones. I kid you not] and I live and work in two different ones. So checking the weather is a must. And I’ve noticed a change in most of the reports overnight. Which is yet another reason why I wait until the morning.

You see the conundrum I’m facing. So obviously the solution is stocking my closet and dresser with new clothes.


6 thoughts on “The blogger’s new clothes

  1. Aaron says:

    Try this:

    1. Buy a large moving box from your local home repair store. Label this box “clothes donations”

    2. Go through your entire wardrobe, anything that you do not want to wear in public – for any reason – goes into the “clothes donations” box. You have clothes to lounge around in already. So your “can’t/don’t want to wear in public” clothing can be donated with no questions asked.

    3. For every item you donate, you are allowed to buy 1/2 a new item. (This will force you to reduce clutter and only rebuy what you need).

    4. Start your new wardrobe from the GROUND up. You first buy a new pair of shoes -> pants -> shirt. Repeat. Do not start buying dozens of shirts and you don’t have the new shoes or pants to go with them.

    5. Pray that you accomplish this before I’m in your living space.

    – bf

  2. talda says:

    @aaron, well i just gave away a whole bag full of stuff already. so i need more things to replace it with. so i need to get this together before i have to share closet space with you. i should get to shopping then!

    @robe, once i figure out how much i can spend i’ll let you know so we can hit up h&m together!

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