We’re not in Kansas anymore…

This weekend was a pretty fun and busy weekend, as are most of my weekends lately. On Saturday I was able to meet up with my former college roommate and her husband for lunch in Petaluma at Dempsey’s [which, as a side note was pretty good – she had read an online review that said the food was good though the service was a little confused…which summed things up perfectly]. We had a lot of fun catching up. Every time we get the chance to hang out I always feel bad that we don’t do that more often. Especially since we live within a hour or so drive of one another.

While we were enjoying lunch, another patron came by with her dog, a boxer, and tied the dog to the fence across the way. During the course of our time there, probably about an hour and a half, this dog lunged and barked at every single dog that walked by, coming close to grabbing a small dog. It took the owner some time to make it over to quiet and calm the dog after each dog walked by even though she was seated on the patio near us. And after one such incident, I noticed that one of the straps of the harness the dog was in was not around one of its leg.

This is what we call “foreshadowing.”

We had just finished eating and sat around talking when all of the sudden we hear this commotion. A couple walking their little terrier by had incited the boxer who started barking and lunging [as it had done ALL DAY] when it broke loose of its harness/leash and went after the little dog. I’m not sure if it actually bit the terrier, but at one point the owner had to lift the dog in the air to get it away from the boxer. And it still seemed to take the boxer’s owner FOREVER to come get her dog.

This being Petaluma, someone from the patio increased the already tense scene by demanding the owners of the terrier to make sure they get the boxer’s owner’s name and number “in case of vet bills” and kept repeating it until the boxer’s owner finally snapped at her.

The manager of the restaurant had to ask them to take their dog away, which they did for a little bit before bringing it back. Oh goodness. Then the owner of the dog returned to her table and cried. Why? Because you were wrong? You had plenty of opportunity to remove your dog before it escalated. We all saw how it tried to go after the four or five dogs that walked by, including a very unimpressed Great Dane. Yet you did nothing. And then your dog got loose and people are mad. Well, no duh lady. No duh.

This was probably the most exciting thing to happen in Petaluma all day.

This is whole incident reaffirmed the idea of NOT getting a dog. I know I waffle back and forth between getting one but now I don’t think I have the intestinal fortitude to take care of it. I’m perfectly happy dealing with my Nintendog and sometimes even that is too much for me.

For Mother’s Day, Tami and I put together a very delicious dinner for our mom. I made my new specialty, roasted chile-lime chicken [apparently it was even better than the last time I made it] and roasted asparagus and Tami made macaroni and cheese and a marble cake. We all ate more than we probably should have but it was so much fun.

And I was doubly pleased to see that I didn’t freak out one bit while cleaning the innards of the chicken. Probably helped that I was home alone [I get all nervous when my mom’s hanging around] and was watching the Cavaliers-Hawks game on TV the night before.

I’m glad I was able to do a little something for Mom. I wish Lindsey could have been up for the festivities. It would have been nice to have the entire family around. But now that I think about it, there is ALWAYS a missing kid in our family. Once it was Tami, then it was me and now it’s Lindsey’s turn. It’s just how we roll.

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