The sound of suckage in B-Flat

I was listening to the radio the other night when Mint Condition’s “Pretty Brown Eyes” [okay, just watch the video…DO NOT read the comments. They will make your head hurt] came on. I haven’t heard that song in AGES and of course I had to sing and dance along. Because that is what I do.

As I was singing, dancing and reminiscing about junior high, the song ended and then I heard, “I’m going to lick you from your neck to your navel.”

And that was when the record scratched to a stop.

Isn’t that the craziest juxtaposition ever?

Of course this led to a diatribe about how I wouldn’t want this unnamed stranger singing to me about licking me from my neck to my navel and thinking just how groddy [yes I actually said groddy] it would be and then I just became uncomfortable and grossed out so I had to change the station. A lot of the newer songs are a bit more graphic about what they want to do to the other and that overtness always makes me revert back to my giggly junior high self. Unfortunately it’s what I do when the conversation is completely out of context and it’s not with the bf. What happens is I just picture the person who said whatever doing that to me and that is just not what I ever want to happen, which in turns grosses me out.

But I digress. Then I thought, as Mariah was singing about us belonging together or whatever, that except for the occasional artist, there aren’t to many really good or even decent love songs anymore. Do people still believe in love these days? Because not too many people are singing about it. They just skip right along ahead to doing each other with the quickness. Maybe I’m old-fashioned but shouldn’t there be some kind of wooing before getting right to the gritty?

This is the thing; I don’t feel the need to avoid the radio after a break up. Remember how you knew the last thing you wanted to do was turn on the radio [even though you did]? Especially at night lest you end up crying yourself to sleep. Whether the song was about a great love or just a great love lost, there was something in there that affected you in someway.

Or maybe it was just me. I remember turning on the radio after a breakup and heard After 7’s “Till You Do Me Right” and whoamygod I lost it. Then I told my friend Monica all about it the next day during our field trip. I know, completely overdramatic. I was in junior high after all. Emotions and hormones are a million different kinds of wonky. Remember how you could count on Babyface to push you over the edge with all of his emotionable songs? You wrecked this poor teenager’s heart in so many ways.

But am I wrong in thinking the radio is now kind of safe post-heart break [of course, there are a few stations to avoid]? I just don’t see it happening when I’m hearing Justin singing about whatever or Soulja Boy’s “Kiss Me Through the Phone.” It’s just not the same.

Maybe I’m just romanticizing the past or maybe this is just a sure-fire sign that I am getting old [another post for another day] but I guess I’m just lamenting the slow demise of music. Now that just about anyone can make a quick buck from one song, everyone’s in such a rush to get in that most commercial music is all watered down. Everything sounds the same and most of it is crap and definitely not worth the $15 or so it costs for a new album [though I wonder why ANYONE is paying full price for music…they go on sale at Target the week it is released!].

And the music industry is wondering why people don’t by CDs anymore.

2 thoughts on “The sound of suckage in B-Flat

  1. robelene says:

    omg i hated the radio after the break up. i figured i had enough of a cd collection or pandora’s mix to keep my mind off of things.

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