The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain

I am completely bummed to find out that I’m spending more in commuting costs per year than I make in a month. Granted, at least I’m not losing money trying to get to work but that’s a month + worth of salary I could be using for something else.

Muni is raising their monthly pass to $55 in June and there are rumors of an additional hike to deal with the budget shortfall and that got me thinking, if I’m going to potentially be spending $60 on just the Muni half of my commute, I might as well just spring for a parking pass and drive myself to work. But then the realities of the additional $20 in total on top of mileage and gas forced me to rethink that idea.

There are a couple of options I’ve been feeling out but just haven’t pulled the trigger as of yet since I’m still conducting my reconnaissance. But either way I’m going to have to figure out a way to shave some pennies off this expense until I can move across a bridge and cut out tolls completely. I’d save $960 on tolls a year [not counting when I cross the bridge for church or other random reasons] alone.

But that’s for another day. I need a more realistic solution/alternative at this moment.

So I had to prepare a little introductory speech for my business communications class and it went fairly well. My personal style tends to be more light and humorous and that usually goes over well. During the feedback portion the prof had wondered why any of us would need notes when we were talking about ourselves, because really, who knows us better than we do?

And because one of the rules was that we NOT respond I nearly gave myself heartburn and indigestion trying to keep quiet. Why did I have notes? Because if I didn’t have notes than I would have spent the past two minutes rambling about nothing in particular with a lot of unfinished thoughts and ultimately no insight to who I am. And then you would have docked me points for not clearly organizing my information.

I have notes because I need boundaries. I need to focus. My notes are like the blinder things they put on horses. Yes I sort of kind of just related myself to a horse but you get where I’m taking this right? Exactly; I just proved my point. The last two paragraphs are why I need notes even when talking about myself. Don’t let me wander. Make me go from point A to B in the least amount of moves possible or else I’ll go all dotted line on you.

Okay, so here’s a little breaking news: I just found out I’ll be able to waive that communications class! I am so excited! Thank you Jesus! I’m doing my happy dance right now. I didn’t realize the class was going to be structured like a mash up of the public speaking and argumentative writing classes I took in undergrad so imagine my shock when I did. Even though we’re two classes into the quarter [with only 11 classes in total, that’s a lot] they accepted my petition [partially thanks to my having gone to Michigan]. This is such a relief because I while I really enjoyed the people in the class [we had a BLAST this week going over our speeches] I was not looking forward to repeating a class I already took. And now I don’t have too! Which means I can totally sell my books back right now [or not…I just checked and the resell value totally isn’t even worth the effort unless I sell them myself]! And I don’t have to study for the quiz we’re having next week!

Oh! The best part! Besides saving $2,250 in student loans, I get two free days during the week instead of one! I am so excited. And happy! And imagine the extra hour I can get of sleep each week!

It’ll seriously add up to just an hour because I’m really good at frittering my life away.

But at least I’ll be frittering that time away at home in my pajamas instead of in class.

One thought on “The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain

  1. robelene says:

    ryc: no you don’t look tired. you’re just as beautiful as ever🙂 as for places to visit in cali, i think traveling locally is a nice cheap way to get the travel bug out of me. plus it helps to have a bf who knows places that i don’t know about.

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