All we need is love, sweet love…

With Valentine’s Day literally just around the corner [seriously, its tomorrow] I’m looking forward to one thing: the moment people STOP complaining about Valentine’s Day.

Every year, like clockwork [or shall I say, like Cubs’ fans] people start griping about Valentine’s Day and how the greeting cards created it to sell the idea of showing our affection by buying things [but isn’t that the American way?] and forcing us to show our love for each other on one day when we should be doing it everyday.

Well, that’s nice and all but sometimes people don’t even do that! And never mind the fact that Corporate America didn’t create the holiday, just took advantage of it. But what I don’t get is how hard people push against it. Look, just because some suit is trying to tell you that you HAVE to buy your girl some jewelry to show her that you love her does not mean YOU HAVE to follow through. Just do what you think is appropriate to do. We’re Americans for goodness sake, when was the last time we did something because someone told us too?

Buy a card, make a card, go out to dinner, make dinner, stay home and watch movies all night, wander around outside [weather permitting]; whatever it is you want to do. There’s no one way to celebrate this day. Just stop being so stubborn.

And for the singles. Sigh, my heart is with you, seriously, but come on now, this one day is the only day you’re reminded of your singleness? Really? Why not stop wallowing for a second and make the day what you want it to be. Want to watch horror flicks? Go right on ahead. Want to watch RomComs [like I always do] then watch until you fall asleep on the couch [like I always do]. Want to make cheesy valentine’s cards for your friends? Do that too. Or don’t do anything. It’s all okay. Just don’t try to say that you’re being forced because you totally aren’t.

But remember, the thing is Valentine’s Day is not about romantic love, but about love in all its incarnations.

So relax and quit complaining.

Sheesh. When I was single, Valentine’s Day was the ONLY day I didn’t complain about being single. That’s what the other 364 days were for. Then again, I quite enjoy Valentine’s Day. Any holiday that has some sort of food associated with it is fine by me.

Which means that Valentine’s Day candy goes on sale this Sunday! There’s nothing I like more than food than food on sale.

That said, this year’s Valentine’s Day gift to the bf was quite the undertaking. I underestimated the time it would take to create these little beauties but in the end it was so totally worth it.

I got the idea while perusing a Martha Stewart magazine. Of course mine didn’t come out anything like the originals but that’s okay.


What ended up taking so long was the actual stamping. I tried inking the stamps [with food coloring] like I would a regular stamp and ink pad but that didn’t quite work out at all so I ended up painting the ink onto the stamp using a toothpick. What I suspected would be an hour job turned into at least two hours. But the final results made me smile with complete satisfaction.

One thought on “All we need is love, sweet love…

  1. robelene says:

    valentine’s really is about love in general. i never know who i should wish happy valentine’s to nowadays because i’m not sure who’s gonna be a scrooge about the holiday. so i just don’t wish anyone anything. thanks for sharing, i also look forward to the moment people stop complaining.

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