Now with 50% less hype!

Today is picture day here at the office for our new badges. We switch them out every year for security reasons – we have a lot of day of event staff turnover so to keep them from keeping their old badges and getting in free later on, we change the layout every year. Anywho, it’s always reminds me of picture day at school because everyone wears their nicest shirt, makes sure their hair is perfect, and looks so put together. It amuses me to no end.

It’s also raining here in the Bay Area. FINALLY. While I was enjoying the unusual summer-like temperature the past two weeks, it’s kind of scary the way the weather’s been. It’s below freezing back east while we’re walking around in shorts out west. In San Francisco no less! In January! But to be honest, I had been praying for rain, not just because we need it, but also because I really want to go snowboarding. I don’t know if I will be going at all this season but I’d like that option.

Which means I need to go shopping for a new jacket since I always just borrowed Lindsey’s.

This is random, I know, but I feel like it should be said. Who are the people responsible for nominating movies for Oscars and such? Because The Curious Case of Benjamin Button going up for 13 awards? Really? Especially as “Motion Picture of the Year?” Really? Because I saw that and I just don’t get the hullabaloo. It was an okay movie [obviously it’s opinion based] but I just didn’t see anything Oscar worthy about it. Sure, individual performances but overall, not so grand. The movie was very slowly paced…it took 3 LONG HOURS for it to finally wind it’s way down. There’s really only so much Brad Pitt I can take when he’s not involved in some cheeky scheme to bust a casino. And there was A LOT of Brad in this movie. Like, more Brad than I needed. Ever.

Which is kind of hard to avoid considering it was his movie. But at one point I wished it would hurry up and be Brad and then sat and wondered how much longer Brad could possibly still be in the movie? It was that long and draggy.

Sure I laughed out loud at parts and it was sad in a tragic kind of way and I did tear up at the end, but I’m a sap. I cried during Wall-E remember? I’ll cry at just about every death scene if I don’t hate the character. I cried at the end of the Bucket List and I KNEW they were going to die.

Is it because it’s Brad Pitt? Is that why it’s being considered for Best Motion Picture? Or am I completely missing the point of the movie?

6 thoughts on “Now with 50% less hype!

  1. aki says:

    i wanted to watch ‘the curious case of benjamin button’ cuz i heard it was good. but i haven’t gone cuz i know it’s 3 hrs long.. and well, i don’t have that kind of attention span. maybe now that you said it’s just ok, i’ll wait til it comes out on DVD!

    lmao @ you crying at every death scene if you don’t hate the character.. man, i think the last time i cried during a movie was adam sandler’s ‘click’.. i was sobbing like a freakin’ baby at the scene where he flashes back to the last time he saw his dad.. then when the tears dried, they hit me with the scene where adam sandler’s character is running in the rain and collapses and dies.. MAN, they sure tricked me with the previews with that movie, lol.

    and i’m glad i’m not the only one happy to see the rain back!

  2. Aaron says:

    Aki, do not waste your money on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. That movie gets a harsh thumbs down from me.

    Granted, if studio created an alternate version with about one hour of scenes cut from the movie – establishing a 2 hour love story not a 3 hour snooze – Button might have gotten a thumbs up for better plot progression.

    If you want to see a good love story, try Slumdog Millionaire… it had the love story that the The Curious Case of Benjamin Button wanted, yet failed, to create.

  3. aki says:

    HIII aaron! how the hell have you been?

    hmm i’ll take your advise on benjamin button.. yeah i heard that slumdog millionaire was a surprise hit.. i never even heard of it until they started getting nominations.. thx for letting me know about it!

  4. talda says:

    yes aki, definitely see slumdog. i LOVED it!

    and aaron, i’m still mad that you’re counting button as a chick flick for me. it doesn’t count because i don’t care for brad that way! besides, it’s not chick flicky – 27 dresses is chick flicky. be thankful i didn’t make you see that.

    though it is really cute

  5. aki says:

    oops.. my bad. WAIT.. actually if you haven’t seen click yet.. i didn’t ruin the movie for you! trust me.. i didn’t give the ending away.. so GO WATCH IT!!!

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