Take me away!

Sorry to hear you’re in a long-distance relationship – can be great for sometime, but i’m glad to be in a relationship where i can see my girl every day.

There are a great many things you can say to someone in a long distance relationship. This is NOT one of them.

Normally I can shake comments like this off because usually the person says these types of misguided things with the best of intentions, but unfortunately this time this comes after I had a bit of a bad night in terms of missing the bf terribly so I’m in rare form, I will admit.

But what exactly are you sorry for? That the bf has found someone who makes him happy and who he makes extremely happy that just so happens to live in another time zone? Are you sorry that while we don’t get to see each other every day like everyone else, we cherish the small moments we do get together, even if we’re doing nothing more than sitting on the couch watching a movie? Are you sorry that instead of holding onto things that bother us and just hoping the other one notices and asks what’s wrong, we actually bring things up and talk them out in calm manner without resulting into some sad yelling match that resolves nothing? Or are you sorry we were able to take advantage of the distance and create a real solid foundation of trust and respect and open communication in our relationship? Don’t feel sorry for us; we don’t feel sorry for ourselves!

Long distance relationships are not easy or even ideal but they happen. Sometimes they work and other times they don’t. They just as risky as any other kind relationship though with their own unique set of issues to overcome. And I accept that some people just don’t understand how it would even work. How do you explain the concept of being with someone without being with them? Or the occasional feeling of being a “paper girlfriend?” Or feeling incredibly lonely when you can’t talk to your boyfriend? Or that joy when you finally get to see them and spend time with them? Or the extreme sadness when you wake up and realize you’re leaving them again. I can try to explain the ins and outs but it’s an experience you have to have in order to fully understand the full depths. But in the end, long distance relationships are still just relationships.

To be honest, this was not my ideal relationship but in a way it is; aside from the distance part which will be remedied, we have an amazing relationship and just as equally enjoy all the time we spend together, whether in person or just on the phone [or over webcams]. We have someone we can honestly talk to about everything, including the embarrassing stuff. Someone who looks at us with so much love in their eyes. Someone who we feel incredibly safe with no matter the situation. Someone who refuses to let go no matter how hard things get. Someone we’re looking forward to spending the rest of our lives with.

One day soon we’ll happily drop the long distance portion and adjust to navigating life together. In the same place. At the same time. ALL THE TIME.

How does THAT work?

4 thoughts on “Take me away!

  1. aki says:

    omg ya’ll two are sickening cute..

    hurry up and get married and make me little cousins to play with!

    on a serious note tho.. i sometimes envy those in LDR because i feel like when you’re apart like that, you really learn to appreciate each other and not take for granted the time you have.. it’s too easy to fight over trivial shit and put each other off when you see each other all the time without knowing what it’s like to not have that person there all the time.

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