Consider this a peace offering. Now with pictures!

So you’re going to have to wait one more day for the Christmas gift bag reveal. I was planning on writing about it today [actually I wrote the post already!] only to find out that I didn’t upload those pictures yet and since that kind of post is no fun without pictures, we’ll just have to wait another day.

But I do have a post with pictures for you today. Behold, the gold shoes that I have looked up and down and between the couch cushions for. And the ones UPS refused to deliver for a second before finally handing them over because they enjoy making me get upset and frustrated and nearly frothy at the mouth.


Okay, not that last one but I wouldn’t put it past them that they’d love to see me all rabid like.

After all the online and real life searching, I happened upon this beauty from Nine West, the Jiopa. While they didn’t have a gold option, per se, the color that popped up that seemed closest was their “natural satin.” I still wasn’t sure but I thought even if the shoe didn’t turn out to be a gold color, I’d still get that shoe in another color because they were just that cute.

the pleats!
They even have the coveted pleats I wanted!

Thankfully I was able to walk by a Nine West store downtown and happened upon these shoes and was able to try them out. Thank goodness because I couldn’t even get my Frankenfoot into my regular size! So up a half size I went only to find that while they fit, they were just a bit too snug in said Frankenfoot and after a slight hesitation, asked for the next size up, which was a full size bigger than what I normally wear. Well wouldn’t you know it fit though just a bit long but still doable. Plus, it turned out that the natural satin was a goldish color that incidentally matches fairly well with the gold in my dress.

I ended up leaving empty handed since I could get a better price online than in the store. Which worked out even better since I was able to buy a wide shoe in the next size up from my original size, which fits like a dream.

The other shoes I bought last weekend at the Nike Outlet for $40 [not including the 30% coupon I had – I got two pairs of shoes, one for me and one for Tam, for $80. Now that’s shopping!]

I saw these and thought they were cute and maybe Tam would like them. But the more I looked at them the more I liked them and can I say just how thankful I was to see that they didn’t have her size anyway? So I picked this up for myself and I am so so happy.

How can you not be when it has your favorite color combo of the moment!

And lastly, the note cards I made for Jacki and the bf’s mom. Unfortunately I pretty much practiced on Jacki’s set [I had to get rid of some of them] so by the time I got to the bf’s mom’s set, my technique was infinitely better. I think I may have even scorched one of Jacki’s cards. Hey, using a heat embosser takes some time and practice getting used to. But the majority of her cards came out nice and I told her that I’d make her more whenever she wanted so I can totally redeem myself there. Even if it is only to myself.

Jacki’s cards were simple, just her first initial embossed on the front of the card. I tried doing her monogram but the spacing was difficult to attempt, which I think is a flaw of the stamps I chose. Should I do that again, I’m buying new letter stamps. I also stamped her last initial on the back flap of the envelopes. I was most excited for the fun patterned paper I attached to the backs of the cards for a fun and hip look. They also helped strengthen the cards themselves. Genius!

For the bf’s mom’s set of cards, I used a much simpler idea: a stamped fleur de lys in a really pretty teal color [that embossed a lot better than the silver I used for Jacki’s] along with a lavender backing paper and lined envelopes. I bought a roll of wrapping paper and traced and outline of the inside of the envelopes and stuck them in. I also stamped her last initial onto the front of the card where her return address will go.

I’m quite proud of both sets of cards even with the imperfections in Jacki’s set [though that bothered me a lot more than it did her…she didn’t even care. But hey, I am a crazy perfectionist].

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I also decorated the boxes that I put the cards in but I didn’t take pictures of them. Well, I still have the bf’s so I can take a picture of that. That one is super cool. I’ll take a picture and share my decopaging expertise, which brought back memories of college craft night. Good times.

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