When did I drive into the middle of a scary movie?

It’s the last week of classes! My final is this week and after spending an amusing couple of hours at a review session with the prof and practically the entire class yesterday, I’m feeling pretty okay with it. Especially for the part we don’t have to show our work. Yay for letting Excel do all the heavy lifting.

Also yay for the following school related items: 1] getting my 83 on my midterm bumped up to a 92! I haven’t scored that high on a math related test since junior high and that was because I copied off Amalia [the statute of limitations is SO over!] and the best part is this was all me! No copying off of anyone. Unless you count the book. Please don’t count the book, 2] I’m actually going to take two classes next quarter. After talking with a few of my classmates and the prof, I’m going to go ahead and take his next class along with my financial accounting. I’m feeling really confident about this decision plus I already appointed one of my classmates to help me with my financial accounting should I run into any troubles, and 3] I get to have one of my foundation classes waived! I was able to use my credits for the Legal Aspects of Sports course I took at Michigan in lieu of taking their Legal Aspects of Business. I’m really excited about that even though it still looks like I won’t be done with the program until the summer of 2011. But really, that’s not THAT far away. Plus that’s almost $3,000 I get to keep.

I did a little shopping this weekend. I had a 30% off coupon for the Nike retail stores and since I was planning on getting Tammy a pair of shoes for her birthday, what better day to go huh? It was meant to be actually since I was given that coupon on Thursday! I found a pair of shoes that I liked that I thought she’d like but then I really started liking them so I bought them for myself. They were also on sale for $40! And naturally since I got them for me, that meant I had to find another pair for her because we can’t have the same pair of shoes and that took forever but I kept circling around a certain pair so I bought those. And when I showed my mom she was concerned because they were white. Well…shoes are meant to get dirty! And I didn’t like the other ones that were darker [because I tried to find a new pair for myself]. But that’s what gift receipts are for!

And my Nine West shoes are perfect with my dress! I owe Inga pictures and I will get those up hopefully soon but when I got home I opened up that box so quick and wore them around the house the rest of the night. Yup, sitting on the couch eating pizza while watching “Say Yes to the Dress.” What a thrilling Friday night. But once I get my Foot Petals my shoes will be good to go.

Good thing since the countdown now stands at 17 days and a wake up!

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