Will you tell UPS that I’m NOT talking to them?

I really don’t understand what I ever did to UPS to make them not like me so much but they just seem to keep messing with me. Constantly. It’s not like I go around talking down about UPS but lately they’ve been messing with my emotions.

Case in point: the latest shoe-related debacle in a string of shoe debacles. I bought my coveted gold shoes from Nine West, and yes I know I could have gotten them in the store and walked out that same day but I needed a wide shoe for my franken-foot and they only had those online. It was that or buy a shoe that was a full size bigger than I normally wear. Plus I got a 30% discount by ordering them online from Nine West themselves! I know! With free shipping! Exactly! So instead of dropping almost $88 to walk out with them I only paid $56.

Anywho, obviously giving me a tracking number is putting power in the wrong hands. Obsessive power that is. Because I’ve been tracking those things since I got that number. And you know what I also been doing? Noticing how my package has been sitting in San Pablo since MONDAY.

Just sitting there. Waiting. For what? My scheduled delivery on Thursday perchance?


I have to wait until Thursday for something you’ve had since Monday?

Because THAT makes a lot of sense. You already have the box. Just send it my way. You don’t have to stick to the schedule. Besides, it would be a lot better to get that box off your hands as soon a possible because that means you have less of me to deal with. See how that works? This is for your benefit! Help me, help you! You already know how uppity I can get about these types of things.

I’m really just hoping that y’all haven’t up and lost my package again. I haven’t seen any kind of moment on it since its arrival scan at 12:14 pm on Monday, December 1st [see what power the tracking number yields?] in the San Pablo center. Yeah, someone please explain.

There’s nothing wrong with delivering a package a few days earlier than scheduled. I won’t freak out. The system won’t freak out. Trust me.

But if I must wait until tomorrow, they better be there when I get home.

Or we’ll have more of this.

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