A pony by any other name…

So I was in my car after work yesterday minding my own business listening to Live 105, the alternative Rock station [that significance to be explained shortly…just remember that] when I started to hear the beginnings of Ginuwine’s Pony.

Yes, that Pony.

Obviously I’m a bit confused since instead of the soft-core feel it was decidedly edgier rock and I wondered how and why anyone in this genre would sample such a song. Oh, if only that were it.

Of course I start singing the song because everyone still knows the words and to my horror the singer starts singing them too! Excuse me what now? And it was OH.SO.HORRIBLE.

I don’t know who lied to this group [after a little search I’ve come to find out that it’s a group named Far who have been around for a while apparently] and told them that this would be a fantastic idea but it’s not. This song was great for what it was, a strip club song [yes you know it, I know it and I’m sure Ginuwine knows it too] and works in the sultry R&B format but just because you add in harder guitars and some drums does not make it okay. There are certain subtleties in the original…okay that’s a load of crap but half the fun in the original was the weird vocalizations that Ginuwine did [you know…”sends chiiiiilllllls up and down my spine…”] and those are absent in the cover.

Never mind the fact that I don’t like covers to begin with [but there are a few that I do like] and there are some songs that just shouldn’t be touched either because they’re good or that it’s just not worth the effort. This is of the latter variety.

Anyway, I just don’t picture a group of rockers singing that type of song at all. It’s not a love ballad. It’s an Iwannadoyougetuponmerightnowandlet’sgoit song. And quite frankly, unless I missed something and there is a 95% chance that I have, I haven’t heard that kind of song before on an Alt-Rock station. It’s just so weird.

Is there a Country version of this song? Because I think that might be even weirder.

Now that the Feds have cut interest rates yet again, I’m sitting and waiting to see if that will affect my APR for my ING accounts. Considering that we’re in such an economic meltdown, some of which are linked to credit cards and such, why not bring down the interest rates on those cards instead of punishing the savers like myself. Heck, I’d LOVE to see my interest rate go down. Granted, one of them is already in the single digits but the other one is still at 15% with no chance of getting lower [stupid airline miles I won’t even use!]. Bring that puppy down! Wouldn’t that help spur spending, even just a tiny bit?

Obviously I’m nothing close to an economic wunderkind but it’s just an idea.

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