Feeling apathetic much?

I am glad that it’s finally Wednesday. Wednesdays are the best because it’s the middle of the week and it’s downhill from here. Next thing we’ll know, it’s Friday and payday and I’m off spending a small portion of it picking up my supplies for my craft project. YES!

That and we’ll be that much closer to finishing off all this election nonsense. Even though I already voted [yay for absentee ballots!] I wish I could just turn everything off and not worry about it anymore…despite the fact that I religiously tune into the Daily Show and the Colbert Report just about every night. But that’s different.

Speaking of which, the bf has taken it upon him self to catch up on watching The Office. I don’t know if it’s because he’s heard it was good or because I tend to wax poetic about it [or that I told him that it was good and he should watch it] but either way, he’s been watching and I’m excited because that means once he’s through season 4 and caught up on season 5 we can watch future episodes together! It was cute listening to him opine about Jim and Pam and then cheer for Pam and Roy once Jim put the moves on Pam [that goes against all of his relationship rules] and then came to understand why Roy was just a bad choice to begin with.

And another show that I want to catch up on is Mad Men. You know the one about the 1960s [I think] ad agency. That’s right up my alley. I saw one episode and was hooked but I keep skipping over the new episodes because I want to watch the older seasons first. I’ll have to get on that sometime. Maybe over the Thanksgiving break.

I have a lot to do over that break, most of all eat but I also need to re-upload my cds to my iTunes that were wiped clean when my computer was getting all crazy on me. Yeah, it’s been how many months and I haven’t done much with my music? For shame. Since it’s such a pain and a lot of effort for me to pick a cd and then manually put it into my cd player, I haven’t listened to anything. What kind of portrait did I paint for myself right now? I also need to find my glove [why is it that you always only lose one glove and not both?] and the sipper top thingy for my coffee cup thing. I’ve been trying to find those for almost two months now. Or possibly more. I can’t remember.

Is it Friday yet? No? Oh. What about now?

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