Left on the cutting room floor…

I missed the debates [again] but I did catch the last half hour of the replay on CNN and that little ticker thing on the bottom of the screen is distracting! I spent a lot of time watching that thing go up and down as each candidate was talking. Of course I was also distracted by the candidates’ body language.

I did listen to what the candidates said and I do find it funny that McCain still misconstrued Obama’s policies right after the man explained them and then later admonished Obama for “not paying attention.” Hilarious! Oh and did you like that joke about how McCain said Obama was running the most negative campaign? Sheer comedy. But to be honest McCain’s body language was screaming at me. He was visibly annoyed and exasperated with Obama’s responses…his eyes would pop open in disbelief or he’d shake his head and smirk and of course, both candidates tried to interrupt each other, which is annoying by itself. But really? All that extra nonsense does nothing to prove your point unless your point is that you’re a bit obnoxious. If that’s the case then well done sir! Mission accomplished!

Putting myself in the eyes of an undecided voter I would have to say that McCain did nothing to help his cause, in fact, he pretty much stabbed it in its back by his body language alone. What was with the extra theatrics? You can stay calm under and attack? Obama just sat there, smiled and shook his head. That’s it. He didn’t roll his eyes or look off at someone in the distance with a smirk. And then he wants to tax my health benefits? Excuse me what now? And this $5,000 tax credit to pay for insurance. A year? To buy my own health insurance? I mean, thank goodness my job pays most of mine [though the premiums are still expensive – I’m with my second choice of hospitals because the other option was just too much for me and I’d be a single-coverage!] but I don’t really get how this credit will help defray the cost especially when the premiums just increase all the time for crappy service.

Anywho, McCain focused too much time and energy telling me what was wrong with Obama and not enough to convince me why he was right. And what was with those strange beady little eyes of his? Scary. I still don’t really have a good grasp on what McCain has to offer but I do have a better understanding of Obama’s plans, flaws and all.

And this Joe the Plumber…it was cute the first time he was referenced but then it got annoying and then cute when Obama said hi and then right back into annoying. And then antagonistic. I mean, between Joe the Plumber [who is real] and Joe Six-Pack, can’t we refer to other Americans? What about Sue? Lindsey? Marcus? Monta? Seriously! There’s more to America than the middle part of the states.

Then there was education. All I know is that I have yet to meet a teacher who was in favor of the “No Child Left Behind” doctrine. In fact, that tends to elicit annoyed sighs more than anything else. And I will admit I’m not sure how I feel about the voucher and charter school business…it just seems like instead of trying to fix the problem at the public schools, they’re just trying to get us to focus on the newer schools instead of peering behind the curtain and then the publics fall farther and farther behind. I understand the need to foster competition in education but if some schools are still underserved and under funded, how can they be expected to compete? This is an honest and serious question: are the effects of autism in infants as drastic as they are in toddlers and young kids? And why did McCain say that Sarah Palin knows how it feels to deal with an autistic child? I thought her youngest had Downs. Which is so different! It’s almost as if McCain doesn’t even know his own running mate.

Oh wait…

Onto other things, like the Project Runway finale. Kind of disappointing and not enough drama for one thing. We all knew Kenley was going to be picked off, too little, too late so obviously it would have been between Korto and Leanne. I liked the styling of Leanne’s line and especially one of the pieces but my heart was after Korto’s line. I just loved the colors. And while I was happy either way, my heart broke to see Korto breaking down in the back room. Oh Korto! How I was pulling for you!

But I did see that “Oh crap…” look on Kenley when she heard that Tim Gunn was judging the final looks. Ha! Don’t you wish you were a bit more gracious in accepting criticism? I mean, how are you going to be mad at the people who are in the business? They’re only trying to help you realize your potential, lady. Better them and not the entire fashion industry. And then how will you pay your rent?

It may be a long while before the next season will be aired, seeing how it’s currently caught up in court. Sigh. Here’s hoping we get to see it…and that it’s more dramatic than this year’s.

2 thoughts on “Left on the cutting room floor…

  1. Lindsey says:

    I want to kick people who think that No Child Left Behind is a great idea. First I had to endure that crap at Vallejo, and now we’re all trying to help the kids who’ve been pretty much left behind by that damn policy in Inglewood. Ejsghadkjghaskhkasdkddgddgh.

    In other news, I’m sad that Korto didn’t win. But I’m very glad that she got very far even though I felt that she was robbed in a lot of challenges. Bah.

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