After careful consideration…maybe it’s okay after all

I recently rediscovered Pandora. I used to use it back in 2005/06 when I was with the construction company but eventually abandoned it because I spent more time skipping over songs than anything. It seemed weird that, even after picking the artists and songs that I like, I still didn’t like much of what was suggested based on my picks. It was kind of sad really. I’m sure Pandora was confused. I can imagine it being, “here, try this music. You might like it.” and I just shake my head and turn around, “No Pandora, I think I’m going to stop. I don’t like anything you’ve brought.” Then Pandora is all confused, “But, I don’t understand? I based everything off your selections.” And I’m all nonchalant and just annoyingly shrug my shoulders, “Yeah, and that was cool but I just don’t like that.” Then Pandora glares at me, “BUT YOU PICKED THE MUSIC!!!” And I slowly back away, “Oooooooh-kay. So, um, I’m just going to leave now…have a good life.” and Pandora is left angry and confused and maybe a little bitter.

But this time it’s different, I swear. I returned to Pandora after finally growing tired of listening to the radio all day at work. Every couple of hours I’d hear the same songs though really I made the switch to stem the tide that is actually enjoying Kid Rock’s newest single. I didn’t like it but slowly, as I heard it everyday, I grew to tolerate it and now I find myself singing it every once in a while and THAT CANNOT HAPPEN. And while I do miss listening to Jayne’s on-air banter, the fact that the morning show started playing music the last hour they are on pretty much sealed the deal. There’s no real reason to listen to the radio anymore. I can get the gossip and traffic and any other news from the Internet and at least I don’t have to listen to the same 10 ads that air on the internet broadcast and since there’s a major delay on the streamed broadcast, its not like I can call in and win a contest so why keep torturing myself?

The major plus is that so far, I’ve been listening to Pandora since I got here and I haven’t had a repeat song yet. I did have repeat artists but that’s fine. Different songs. Plus, I haven’t heard Amy Winehouse, One Republic, Green Day or Katy Perry at all today. That’s a major plus! That and I got to hear Mo Money, Mo Problems. That will always be a fun song.

This second go round with Pandora has been a lot more successful than the first. Perhaps I matured a lot since then. Hopefully we can make this one work. So far so good! Though I completely did not mean for this to be a walking endorsement of the service. I guess it’s just that good.

Or maybe I’m feeling sorry for unceremoniously dumping it two years ago.

Tommorrow, maybe tomorrow I’ll write about the sad, sad state of the Raiders and also Mike Millen’s firing. I mean, way to grow a pair Bill Ford Jr.!

2 thoughts on “After careful consideration…maybe it’s okay after all

  1. talda says:

    maybe it was by some strange voodoo magic. or just taking advantage of the exhaust fumes. i mean, all he had to do was dupe the old guy and really, it doesn’t take that much effort

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