Try Blue. It’s the new Red…

wall-e retro posterHere’s to short workweeks. Huzzah!

Yeah I totally just huzzah-ed you.

The weekend was a good one actually. On Saturday, I made my way up to Sacramento to Jacki’s for Spanish Club, dragging along my fondue pot as my contribution to the eating festivities. I made a chocolate fondue that was amazingly delicious. It was rich and creamy and tasted kind of like brownies. Or least like brownie batter. It was definitely a hit and tasted practically heavenly with the cheesecake bites I managed to find at the store. That was the best combination there, which was made even better [if you can believe that] by adding slices of strawberries. The cheesecake bites were the first to go but we ended up slicing the cheesecake Christina brought into “bites” albeit, giant ones, to dip. Its official; we’ve all gone fondue crazy. The best part is I can now make truffles from the left over fondue. Yummy.

The conversation was free flowing and fun as always. I’ve really grown to love those girls. Even though I’m not there all the time or even a teacher, we still have plenty to talk about; mostly making fun of whomever we decide deserves it but its always good times. This time it was Christina’s new budget and Akilah’s “heart burn” from jogging despite several warnings of poor air conditions and limiting outdoor physical activities due to Northern California being on fire [sadly, that is not an exaggeration]. I didn’t leave there until almost ten that night.

I love how homey Jacki’s house is getting. She’s planted a garden and flowers since the last time I was there [which she’s totally excited over] and they have a dog door for Chester who is just as happy as can be.

My Sunday school lesson went decently yesterday. I had a game board set up but unfortunately due to some weird translation blip, we didn’t get to have as much time as I had liked with it, which sucked because the kids were all amped for it. Oh well, we did get a couple go rounds though so I guess that’s all that matters.

After church I finally got my nap [yay!] before the two little girls came over to spend the night. Then Lindsey and I hightailed it out of there to go check out Wall-E. Oh my goodness y’all, you’ve got to see it. Pixar definitely didn’t disappoint and I’m so buying this one when it comes out. We laughed quite a few times [and made some great Bay Area connections to scenes in the movie] and cringed at the “future” and because no one else did, I’m going to warn you that this movie will definitely tug on your heart. In fact, I cried. I haven’t cried in a cartoon movie since The Land Before Time when Littlefoot lost his mom. I have no qualms because the movie is just that good and there was a group of girls next to me who were crying too and Lindsey did tear up a bit. This is like Brian’s Song: if you don’t cry then YOU’RE DEAD INSIDE.

Mark these words right here: I’m so going to work of Pixar one day. That seems like my kind of place.

But Lindsey totally took me for my money though. So here’s the story. On Friday I texted her and asked if she wanted to see Wall-E on Sunday. She said yeah. Then on Saturday she told me she didn’t have any money, which I was aware of and told her I was already going to pay for her ticket. On the way to the movie she said if I was hungry then lunch was on her. I didn’t think anything of it at all. We then go to Target and pick up some stuff for mom and I’m thinking about what to get at Wendy’s and I’m making sure she’ll have enough and she said she does, not to worry about it. So we go to Wendy’s, order our stuff, and she ups and pays with another $20 bill! This girl had money. Granted, my mom had given her some spending money earlier that day [probably on the way home from church] but she didn’t even mention it to me. She claims it’s because I had already told her I was paying but she didn’t even say, “Hey, mom gave me money…you don’t have to pay for my ticket” and I would have been, “No, don’t worry about it. My treat.” But I didn’t even get that courtesy. Yeah, that was sneaky Lindsey. But thanks for the fries and strawberry Frosty shake. I still love you.

We spent the rest of the night watching tv and planning a trip to Thailand after watching the final couple of episodes of ANTM where we leanred that we’d live like queens for the time that we were there. The exchange rate is so in our favor at the moment and I’m dying to go. So right now, we’re eyeing sometime next year. I seriously hope it happens. I’m so getting my passport during my vacation next month.

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