Is this the way it’s supposed to sound?

I’ve got a slight crush on my hair right now. I curled the ends yesterday before twisting it up so it still has a little of that curl and my bangs are doing this flippy thing over my eye. I can’t explain it at all but I love it so.

Anywho, the weekend. Oh what a weekend. It was super hot on Friday. As in, I didn’t need a jacket AT ALL THE ENTIRE DAY. Crazy people, crazy. Even crazier was that I started eating my lunch inside and staring out the window before I finally admonished myself for doing such a thing and packing my things to head outside, which was the best decision ever. It was perfect; the sun was out, it was warm with a slight breeze to keep from melting and there I sat, in the sun with my sandwich and newspaper outside. Oh if I could bottle that feeling and sell it, I’d make a killing.

I came home after church to a hot, hot house and a sinking feeling that maybe baking wasn’t a very good idea but hey, I needed to. Plus, Lindsey had already baked her cookies so it wasn’t like I was going to make the house any hotter. But it was so warm that we didn’t need to leave the butter out for too long before it had softened. I plugged away and baked my cupcakes and made the dulce de leche but I didn’t let it reduce as much as it needed to so it didn’t set up the way I had hoped the next day. Oh well.

The Youth group’s car was turned out to be a pretty good success. They ended up making about $200+ on the car wash alone. I don’t know the full total with the results from the lemonade, baked items and other miscellaneous things we sold. My cupcakes were gladly received and later dubbed “Dolce&Gabbana” cupcakes though too bad we couldn’t charge a D&G price.

So here’s the exciting thing that happened that day; because there always is a story. I had my car washed and after it was done, I hopped in to move it since I was still going to be a bit with helping push the baked goods [something I’m so good at]. I couldn’t get the handbrake down at all; in fact, I couldn’t even push the button in! Anywho, I fussed with it and then the gearshift in a few different combinations before calling for help, which elicited tons of laughs because only I would ask for help driving the car I always drive. He got in, muscled the brake down and hopped out…and then the car starts rolling backwards! Apparently in my shifting haste, I had put the car in reverse and not park! Everyone’s freaking out and I hopped in the car and slammed on the brake and stopped it from running into the truck parked behind me by mere inches. It was like thisclose. Ooooh.

The rest of the car wash was thankfully uneventful. I volunteered with Laketa to stand on the sidewalk with signs to get people in [we managed one new customer] but mostly we stood there and yelled random things and danced around a bit and got honks from guys driving by, which doesn’t help the cause at all. I now know how the sign people feel. Its not always fun.

I left early to take one of the girls shopping. We had a lot of fun. I was a little nervous going in because I was worried about what I was going to talk to her about. But thank God he knew what to do and while there were some lulls in the conversation during the day, she totally opened up over lunch. I think it was the food.

We had fun shopping and I had planned on buying whatever she had ended up picking out [I had budgeted for it and everything] but she didn’t want anything. Not even a book. The only thing I was able to buy her was lunch. We wandered around Bay Street and popped in and out of a few stores [I think we spent more time browsing in Barnes and Noble than anything] and I did pick up a couple of cute shirts from Old Navy [apparently I am the only person I know who can actually shop there. Most of my friends complain about how the clothes just don’t fit them right and one of them has actually stopped asking me where I get things from since it’s almost always Old Navy!].

On our way out we hopped into a photobooth on our way out and had a great time giggling and trying to make faces at the camera. I ended up spending an hour talking to her parents when I dropped her off too, which was unexpected but very great.

So here’s another fun story. We were walking back to the car when I spied a cup of smashed chocolate Cold Stone ice cream on the ground near my car. I was sad for the ice cream…it didn’t deserve that end. It wasn’t until we were almost to the house when I realized that my car had absorbed some of the tragic end. On my freshly washed car were splatters from the ice cream! I was so bummed! She kept laughing at my anguish but did give me some Windex to clean it off once we got to her house. I just couldn’t believe my luck.

Sunday was another chill day. Tami had to get on the kids for causing my mom so much grief on their way home from church. We called her and we could hear the screaming through the phone. It was bad. They get fidgety with one another; you know how it is with kids. They love each other one moment, and then at each other’s throats the next then they are peaceful again as if nothing happened. Kids are so bipolar.

So I have my eye on another Gocco. This one is used but at this point I don’t care. The only thing I’m bummed about is that it ends tomorrow during a meeting I’m going to be in! Hopefully I can proxy bid high enough to win but I won’t be able to sit back and snipe like I had hoped. If it’s meant to be then it’ll be.

I hope it’s meant to be!

Conversation of the week:

Tami: I’m on my feet working hard for eight hours. Sometimes my hands swell and my feet and toes!

Talda: Sometimes my butt hurts from sitting down all day. MY.LIFE.IS.SO.HARD!

Mom cracks up in the background

3 thoughts on “Is this the way it’s supposed to sound?

  1. talda says:

    lol. so far i have the first saturday in august set aside for my birthday. right now it’s looking like a tour of scharffen berger chocolate factory and then lunch at bay street. so save the date!

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