Who’s helpless now?!

I had a real meal last night. Sure it was nachos but I made it at home and it was sooo good. Though what I really wanted was pasta. Oh well. I tried.

And you know how much people love Dennis Richmond around these parts? The second highest rated show on Wednesday [after annoying juggernaut American Idol] was his final broadcast on the Ten O’Clock news. It scored a whopping 15.62 households in the Bay Area [Idol was first with 17.26]. That’s some major love.

So how awesome is this: so you know how I wanted to have a fondue party but ultimately decided against it because I couldn’t find a reasonably priced place to go? Well I mentioned that over lunch with Korede last weekend and wouldn’t you know that she had bought a fondue pot but never used it because she couldn’t get her friends to try it out with her so she gave it to me! So I have a new toy to play with. I’m super excited. Now if only cheese wasn’t so expensive. At least the good stuff that’s worth making fondue out of. Maybe I can start with a chocolate fondue instead. Mmm, that’s worth another thought.

Sometimes when I’m on BART or MUNI and I can hear someone’s music blaring through their headphones, I like to imagine a different person listening to it. Like, if it’s some classical music [who knew you could blast classical music?] I like to think it’s from the guy with the Mohawk. I’m sure people don’t expect to hear me listening to Jimmy Eat World.

You know what a problem with the iPod is? It exposes your dirty little guilty pleasures. A while back my nephew was going through my iPod and questioning my taste in music [as if] and I never really become acutely aware of all the “bad” songs I have on there. I mean, yes I have Ashlee Simpson but it’s just that one song! But I also have it Seal! And George Michael! Those should counterbalance the Ashlee effect. Right? RIGHT?

I wish it stopped at Ashlee though. I’m not sure if the rest of my music collection could hold its weight against the select guilty pleasures I have crammed into it. And yes, sometimes I am hesitant to pick up certain CDs at Rasputin because some of the people there tend to be music snobs and I am afraid that maybe one day they won’t let me buy that one RJD2 CD because I had the audacity to buy Lou Bega that one time [not that I did buy it…but I did get it as a gift]. I know that probably wouldn’t happen but what if it did? What if I couldn’t get the next copy of Weezer or catch up on Jimmy Eat World while dabbling a little with Paramore and Outkast and Amel Larrieux? Then again, can you really hate me for enjoying some B-52s?


2 thoughts on “Who’s helpless now?!

  1. Lindsey says:

    Who over the age of 14 listens to Paramore?
    I don’t care about B-52s.
    I’m just worried about the Paramore.
    I better go buy you a giftcard to Hot Topic to complement your teenage angst now.

  2. Mel says:

    Hey, Vanessa and I like Paramore!! I like to think that my Spice Girls/Aqua/BSB cds are balanced out by the bossa nova, dubstep and indie rap that I listen to on a regular basis.

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