Totally tubular…

So if you were here today, you would have never known that we were just baking this weekend. Sheesh. The fog is back and I’m actually wearing a sweater. A SWEATER.

Anywho, I definitely needed the weekend to decompress from Friday’s events alone. It was a very busy day that started with an 8 am call time at work. And can I say just how much that extra hour threw me off for the rest of the day? Because I’d look at the time and it’d be 9:30 am and I’d feel like I was there all day already but was afraid because I had only been there for 30 minutes until I realized that I got into the office at 7:45 that morning so I was actually there for much longer. I did that all day. Not fun.

Want to know what else wasn’t too much fun? Not leaving the office until 6:30pm. Yes folks, I was here all day. I was tired by the time 5pm rolled around so stretching it to 6:30 was really stretching my patience but I made it in time to go straight to church even though I was still late. Once home, I tooled around on my computer for a little bit before giving up on life and going to bed at 10:30. I was feeling kind of nauseous and could feel a slight headache trying to start so I just prayed and went to sleep. And you know what, I had the best sleep ever.

I don’t know how long I would have slept if not for the flurry of phone calls I got from my mom and dad at 7:30 the next morning trying to figure out who called my mom from the house and why. I don’t know why they thought I would know considering that I was asleep the entire time but there you go. And that is why I was awake at 7:30 on a Saturday morning. And since I was up so early and knew I had a busy day ahead of me, I went ahead and did my hair. So that was done by 11 am and I felt like I had a super productive day. I ended up meeting Korede for lunch at Pasta Pomodoro and then did some browsing in Cost Plus, which turned out to be a lot of fun. Then I napped and worked on my Sunday school lesson before heading out to Cherry’s 80s centric birthday party, inspired by the New Kids on the Block reunion tour.

Let me say that I was going to get all dressed up for the event but ended up being lame [that seems to be a running theme] and not getting my act together in time but I did throw up a side pony tail with those jelly bracelets to match what I was wearing. But when I saw Cher…well she BLEW my previous idea out of the water. This girl popped out of her house in full 80s glory: a hot pink off-shoulder dress with matching pink leggings, black and pink leg warmers, one black lacy Madonna glove, a headband, plastic jelly shoes, various bangles and necklaces and CRIMPED HAIR.

I love Cherry like no other. That girl is seriously something else. The party was fun and practically everyone dressed the part. They kept the 80s theme going by having 80s music blaring in the kitchen and 80s movies on in the living room. Cherry put in The Evil Dead and everyone convinced me that the effects are so cheesy that the movie is funny, like Shaun of the Dead funny. Okay people, if someone tells you this about The Evil Dead then leave the room because they are lying to you. The effects, while cheesy were still too much for me to deal with. Thankfully I’m quite adept at making it look like I’m watching the screen when I’m really not. After a few moments I finally just grabbed the jewel case in hopes of finding out what the movie was really about because I thought they had zombies. Nope, it’s about demonic possession and, really, I don’t need to be watching stuff like that. They had an interview with the actresses in the movie and they gave away a lot of the action so armed with that knowledge I abandoned my spot on the couch to sit in the kitchen and eat lumpia and pancit. Best decision ever.

My Sunday school class went alright. I have to start getting super creative since we’re starting to repeat lessons in our books so this time around I had a couple of the kids act out the story as I read it, which went over well. I need more ideas to keep the kids all involved and active during the lessons. So if anyone else has any suggestions I’ll gladly take them!

Speaking of suggestions, I think I may have narrowed down the ideas for my birthday: a factory tour of either Scharffen Berger chocolate in Berkeley or Charles Chocolates in Emeryville. I thought those would be cool things to check out and then grabbing some food afterwards. Sounds cool, eh? We’ll see if the idea sticks.

One thought on “Totally tubular…

  1. Lindsey says:

    That and Army of Darkness.
    Those movies are HILARIOUS. We used to watch those with Leeann all the time while eating her sister’s delicious butterscotch brownies. Omg, I want some right now.

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