Who messed with my chair’s butt groove?!

It feels great to be back at my desk. Every day whenever I’d walk by, I’d look and sigh wistfully into the empty cube. But the week is over and I survived thanks to daily prayers [you better believe I prayed everyday for an easy day!] and now I’m back. Now I can finish up my admissions essays. Or something like that.

After work on Friday I felt like wandering a bit before heading to church so I did and ended up at a Sur La Table where I managed to find a birthday present for my mom. I was stoked though I do hope she remembers that this was what she wanted. We haven’t talked about it in like a year so who knows. I may just have to remind her. I came home to find Duck hanging out since he was up for the weekend because my dad was going to take him to the A’s game on Saturday. After I shooed him off to bed, I settled in myself and chatted with the bf for a bit. We’re trying to carve out some extended time for his next visit and other things. At least extended in comparison to our typical visits. Now that I’m more situated here at the job, I’m a lot more comfortable with requesting a week off instead of a couple of days so we can now spend much needed time together. We’re trying to get away from the overall “vacation” feeling of our visits and get back to a more “normal” feeling since we’ll need to know how we both function as regular people before we go and marry each other. In case he hasn’t yet figured out that I will in fact insist on wearing my socks to bed.

Of course I know this is serious stuff but what’s the fun of always being serious if you can’t throw in some levity every once and again, you know? Socks to bed. That’s funny. I kid, I kid.

Saturday was a strangely productive day. I met Jacki for coffee that morning and we chatted before she had to go get ready for a wedding that afternoon. And since I was already out, I decided that would be a good time to finish running my errands, which included picking up my new glasses. I love them but for some reason opted out of the anti-glare finish and then realized just how vital anti-glare really is. The bf suggested that I ask if they can put it on and while I did contemplate that now I’m just resigned to the fact that my glasses will have the glare on them. I kind of don’t want to bother with going back even though the offices aren’t that far from my house. Other than that little gaffe, I love them.

Since I had an early start to the day, I finished everything I needed to do early so I was back in my pajamas by like 5. But I had everything done [well except for my hair], even the dishes! It felt weird especially since that’s usually when I start to run my errands. But you know, it almost makes me reconsider how I spend my days.

Sunday was actually a lot of fun. I taught Sunday school and this week’s lesson was on the Prodigal Son so instead of just telling them the story while they sat, I ended up making a trail so they could follow along, so I had them standing and walking around the room to each stop [home, the big city, pig sty and then back home] and while they were a bit unruly I think the overall lesson went well. At least they didn’t have to sit down for an hour. After church I eventually made my way up to Denita’s house to celebrate her birthday with her and some other church members. I had a blast. I don’t think I would ever be able to accurately recreate the day but let’s just say there was a Taboo-related intervention, jokes from the Pastor and his wife, a water gun, and exclamations of Deebo in a Christian movie.

That’s right, Deebo. I was confused for a second and half expected to hear a squeaky bike [alas, that never manifested] and of course, originated the quote of the week: “That’s Deebo? In a Christian movie? What is this? Good Friday?”

I came home to find my dad still awake and knew that the only reason why was to see if I brought home cake. Which I did because I’m too nice. I should have just left it there like I told him I was going to.

But the best part was rounding my night out with a video chat with the bf. God bless the web cams.

Oh so I had another dream, but this one was cool. Well, maybe to just me but that’s really all that matters. So I dreamt that I was friends with chef Tyler Florence. Oh it was AWESOME!!! I was sitting in his kitchen talking to him and eating and then he invited me to his new restaurant that’s opening in San Francisco. I was stoked. I know I’m a completely dork for dreaming about Food Networks stars. I mean, isn’t that a verifiable sign that I watch too much Food Network? At least Rachael Ray hasn’t popped up yet and hopefully that’ll stay that way. I’d much rather have Paula Deen in a dream. At least she’ll make me yummy stuff to eat.

3 thoughts on “Who messed with my chair’s butt groove?!

  1. Lindsey says:

    What is this? Good Friday?”

    I’m going to kill you for making that joke. That was so not funny and/or clever. You square bear.

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