Unagi is not a method of self-defense…

It’s finally Friday. What a freakin’ relief. Though I wish I could have just taken today off…the office is gasping for breath at the moment. Well, the department next to me is here and buzzing away but they’re always like this. They’re pretty much busy all year around. Anywho, this morning as I was walking to the BART station, I realized that after today, the next time I come to the BART in the morning will be when I’m flying out to Michigan! Tell me that isn’t exciting. It was more than enough to put a few extra hops to my steps.

I had a blast last night though. After work I met up with Eileen for dinner downtown. Robe and Alan were going to join us too but Robe wasn’t feeling well and Al was still deep at work when I left the office. So after some deliberation, Eye and I headed up the street to Sushi Boat.

This was the first time I’ve ever been there. It’s this cute little sushi restaurant downtown that’s on the corner of Mason and Geary. After some minor confusion in seating, we were and Eye added some sushi with that. I don’t remember what it was called but it had eel and avocado and actually tasted pretty good. It was a great time out with classic conversations. Good times Eye, good times.

Afterwards, we met Alan outside for a drive-by gift exchange and chatted for a brief second since he turned down our offer to grab dessert. I finally got my birthday/Hawaii gift from her…this super cute rash guard to wear when I’m surfing. And Eye gave me these really cute knee socks. I should have taken a picture of them when I tried them on. I like them. I’ve got to make a reason to put them on. Maybe I’ll bring them when I go to Michigan. We all know I’ll need all the extra help staying warm that I can get!

I’m sure the bf will love them. Look at my sexy knee socks…like those stripes on the foot and the flowers on the leg? Aren’t they HOT? I know he’ll just shake his head and go about his business. Best believe I’m wearing them to bed, son!

We’ll definitely have to get together more often though. I hadn’t seen Robe and Alan since Jacki’s wedding back in July and I hadn’t seen Eye since my birthday in August. And it’s December! Too long folks, too long. We are looking forward to hitting up Tahoe next month hopefully though for some snowboarding. I can’t wait. I hope Cin can get the cabin for the weekend. Those trips are the best.

Okay, since I am delivering two more bags today and finishing up this weekend, I can finally reveal what it was I’ve been working on the past week. In an awesome follow up to last year’s baskets of fudge and gingerbread men, this year’s gifts consisted of 4 flavors of chocolate dipped pretzels [oh yes I did!] and two flavors of whoopie pies.

The whoopie pies were surprisingly easy to make and deeelicious. Okay, the gingerbread one was okay but the original chocolate one was to die for. I’d definitely make that one again and again and again. I used a different recipe for the filling than the one listed with the chocolate whoopie pie recipe that I used and I quite enjoyed it. I doubled the batch according to my own calculation but I think it’d be better as single batches because I thought it tasted a little doughy…well, until I figure out how to probably multiply measurements. Because sometimes, you just can’t double a recipe. Anywho, onto pictures!

Here is the gingerbread whoopie pie, made for the Christmas season.

gingerbread whoopie

And the decadent chocolate whoopie pie. I tried one last Saturday and by the time I left for the Christmas party, I was craving another one. And I’m glad to know that I’m gonna have a couple extra after I hand everything out!

chocolate whoopie

And then the pretzels. I got the idea while I was shopping at Cost Plus [oh how I heart that store]. They’re currently selling them for like $5 for 8 sticks and I thought that was too much and realized just how simple they were to make. I mean, come on, melt some chocolate, dip a pretzel and roll in some coating and bada bing, bada boom: fancy chocolate dipped pretzels.

I had four flavors but I didn’t take pictures of all of them because I forgot. Here’s my peanutty toffee: milk chocolate dipped pretzel rolled in toffee pieces and drizzled with peanut butter.

peanutty toffee pretzels

I also had a tres chocolat one [that I didn’t take a picture of]: dark chocolate dipped pretzel rolled in milk chocolate chunks and drizzled with white chocolate.

Here’s my candy cane pretzel: white chocolate dipped pretzel rolled in candy cane pieces.

candy cane pretzels

And my sugary spice, which was my favorite flavor: white chocolate dipped pretzel rolled in cinnamon sugar. Can you say delicious?

sugary spice and everything nice

Here’s a picture of the whole mess of pretzels. You can kind of see a couple of the tres chocolats in it!

for all the pretzels

On Monday night I stayed up a bit to package the whoopie pies. I originally wrapped them in saran wrap so I could freeze them and then made little baggies from wax paper for the final wrapping and plopped my sticker on them that I made too. Because Martha’s got nothing on me.

and all the pies

And here’s a close up on the sticker/tags that I made for the project.

take that martha!

And here’s the final product. I love how everything came together like that. It took a bit to cut out the strips of wrapping paper [I have a handy hand rotary cutter]and hand stamped the cards that I printed from the computer. This was totally worth all the time and effort it took to make these. I really enjoy baking and whatnot. It’s fun.

the bags. all cute!

Oh, and because I’ve been promising, here’s a picture of the amazing dulce de leche cake I made for the Christmas party last week [and what I’ll be making for the other Christmas party this weekend]. I can’t wait to have another slice of this!

dulce de leche cake

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