Just because you don’t see it doesn’t make it legal…

Because I’m a complete dorpe [a dork AND a dope] I forgot to make a happy birthday post for Robe yesterday. I’m sorry Robe! Happy [belated] Birthday! Hope it was fantastic!

Baked potatoes are awesome. Even when they’re “baked” in the microwave. I tried not to think about the potato during church because I’m pretty sure God wouldn’t appreciate my not paying attention…it was bad enough that I had the gumption to respond to a text message but that was during the offering so I guess that’s a little okay. Alright, it’s just as bad.

Maybe that’s why I woke up to a Charley horse huh? I HATE those things but this time I prayed over it instead of just massaging out the pain. Yup, the first thing that popped out of my mouth was “In the name of Jesus” and then started praying in tongues and then like right that second I could feel the muscle relax. How awesomely amazing is that? That was the quickest I was ever able to get over a charley horse and I can’t believe I never tried to lay hands on myself before. Silly me. I’m so glad I paid attention during Bible study. The lesson? A continuation of the Gifts of the Spirit. And both healing and Faith are two of the power gifts. Take that baked potato. Didn’t distract me!

Anywho, I’m really looking forward to Christmas because I get to see the bf. Yay! Granted, I’ll be back in the snow but I’m cool with that. I’m hoping to be able to visit with my Michigan family while I’m out there and finally getting to introduce them to the bf. These were the kind folks that adopted me while I was at college. I haven’t seen them since I graduated so it’ll be really nice to at least see half of the family. We may even get a chance to hang out with Bubba again but that’ll be depending on where we end up spending our time at and that won’t be figured out until that month. But I’ll get a week with him, which is very much appreciated and needed. Out of the 31 months we’ve been together [can you believe it’s been that long?] we maybe have about almost 2 months of cumulative time together. Maybe. I know that any other guy wouldn’t have stuck it out for this long and/or cheated on me long ago but he hasn’t. He’s still here and devoted to building a life together. It’s just hard because we have no real idea of when that life can begin, what with life getting in the way and all. We’ve had to rework our original framework and make some adjustments that still call for more time apart but only a little bit more. But considering the plans we’ve set for ourselves, it’s a necessary evil.

I’m not worried. I know we’ll be together and I know we’re both working hard and making sacrifices. He’s completely worth everything.

I know I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s in a long while but for some reason I want Chicken Nuggets and their fries. That would be so delicious. I guess it’s fine so long as it’s not a burger right? The nephew got all stanky on Sunday when we were trying to decide where to pick up something to eat. My mom suggested In-N-Out and of course I was game but he shot that down because apparently it makes him sick. So he suggested McDonald’s and I shot that down because I just don’t eat there. My mom was fine stopping at two places but he just refused and decided he wanted to eat at home. What a funky attitude to have because I wouldn’t go to McDonald’s. Oh well. But back to my story, I could get even better chicken nuggets at Wendy’s but there isn’t one nearby, which sucks but probably is a good thing because I’d be there a lot. You know I had to ask my dad for a dollar today so I could play in the football pool this week? How sad is that? Even though I’ve been threatening him about paying since he’s been screwing up my picks. I just couldn’t deal with having to dig out another dollar in quarters for a second week in a row. I felt like such a little kid when I asked but he didn’t even question me. Just handed it over. I think I was more amazed by that.

3 thoughts on “Just because you don’t see it doesn’t make it legal…

  1. Lindsey says:

    You’re excited for Christmas because I’ll be home for practically 3 weeks.


  2. talda says:

    first off, he ain’t no ho. secondly, YOU just said i sucked the other day. i’m not inclined to be excited for people who say i suck for not remembering what an integer was. so there!

    besides, you’re gonna be off with your friends anyway and it will only be like, 2 1/2 weeks after i see you for thanksgiving. :: sticks out tongue ::

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