Don’t worry, I’ll be zen again soon…

The best thing about having a day off? The long missed afternoon nap. Granted, that’s what I do on the weekends anyway if I’m home but the weekday afternoon nap can be considered an endangered species. As rare as it is, it’s so deliciously wonderful to experience. What a sight to behold. Granted, it was after a shower and I was only supposed to sleep for a half hour but the nephew kept interrupting so I extended it…for an hour so the hair was almost dry by the time I finally got around to blow drying it out. Oops, but for that nap, it was worth it.

It was quite the emotional weekend for me. I did get out early on Friday only to have to bum around the East Bay for almost 3 hours before church that night. Normally I would have skipped prayer and just gone home but since I was picked to lead our JCCAM [it’s our young adults ministry] rap session, I had to show up and with holiday traffic at it’s peak, if I went home there was no way I’d come back. I have no idea how I managed to waste the time but I did. I was quite proud of my accomplishment. Anyway, the discussion went over well even though I ended up pawning it off on Korede who was co-leading with me. Actually, I knew she’d try to pawn it off on me first but I got her with the double reverse. Sneaky. I did lead it for the first half and then gently tossed it to her with the deft of a news anchor. Oh yeah.

Anyway, after that I headed over to the Acacs to hang out with Marilu and return the wedding paraphernalia that she lent to Jacki. She wasn’t home yet but her mom let me in and when she saw me with the magazines and planner her eyes lit up and she asked if I was getting married. Oh no Auntie, not yet. I had to repeat that SEVERAL times and she looked really bummed. I had to laugh since she’s been trying to marry me off since Marilu got married in 2004. She was even asking me if I wanted to be introduced to some people she knew! I politely declined.

But I digress, I hung out with her and Spawn until everyone came home [they all scattered to go get something to eat] and hung out with Marilu the rest of the night. We caught up on some gossip and made tentative plans to hang out and go somewhere sometime in October since I’m pretty much booked for September [crazy isn’t?]. I’m looking forward to that since it’s been a really long time since we actually hung out.

Saturday was the emotional roller coaster though. You know how that ended. After being despondent and commiserating with Bubba. Here’s an excerpt of our txting:

12:25 pm
Talda: SO DO I!!!

Talda: CRAP!!

Final score: 34-32 Appalachian State.

I pulled myself together to go run my errands before the Cal-Tennessee game. I had to go to Fairfield to the Verizon store to get my phone checked since it decided it wanted to crap out whenever it pleases. Turns out it was waaaaay overdue for a software upgrade. Well then they need to send me a message then. Anyway, I was out of a phone for about half and hour so I wandered around the shopping plaza and lost myself in Barnes & Noble. I eventually came wandering back about 20 minutes after it had been ready for pick up. I don’t wear a watch so the phone is my time clock and while I did ask people what time it was, I still went to Barnes & Noble anyway with like 5 minutes left so whatever. Anyway, picked up the phone and was given a very nice surprise. In respect to the people involved I won’t divulge anything yet but it’s good news.

And that is how I won $20.

And I think to the amusement of the bf.

The rest of the day was spent gathering supplies for my Sunday school lesson [we learned about the Armor of God] and lo and behold, while I was at Target I stumbled upon 4 boxes of Wiis. Just sitting there, waiting to be purchased. I almost bought one right then and there. I was actually rationalizing it in my head…my card is closed for this month anyway…it wouldn’t show up on the statement until October… but I didn’t. I should have. I even called the bf and told him and hinted about buying it for him for Christmas but he said he wasn’t that much of a video gamer anymore. What? It’s a Wii! Even after I said that I’d buy it for me but really say it’s for him and get two controllers he still brushed it off. I should have gotten it. Then again, I don’t really have time to play it. Maybe after I move and I get home earlier I’ll get one. Man I should have gotten it!

Spent the night cutting out shields and swords for the craft activity and watching the Cal game and I Love the 80s – 3D with Lindsey. I thought about strengthening the swords so they weren’t flimsy but decided against it. Even though it is a weapon of God, I’m sure the parents wouldn’t appreciate their kids being sent home with stuff they can whack their siblings with.

The lesson went over fantastically though. The kids were excited about making the armor and ran around whacking each other with the poster board swords, which was exactly what I knew they’d do. They did get a lot rowdy afterwards and I was a bit overwhelmed by it all since they all came to me for things even after I asked them to ask the assistant. Oh well. Even our autistic boy joined in and he was very pleasant, decorating his shield and sword and was excited about his helmet. I wanted to get a picture of the kids dressed up but that didn’t happen. Figures, but the Youth coordinator saw what they were doing and loved it so she’s thinking about getting them to do a presentation to the church sometime.

And yes, I almost wanted to kill my dad that night. He watched the game replay at least three times on Sunday. Once in the morning because he didn’t see [which I understand] and then two more times that I know of…both times he told me to watch as Appalachian State made their field goal and as they blocked Michigan’s. I mean, all weekend I’ve been hearing about that. I figured by Sunday it’d be over but not. But after I blew up on him and my mom got involved because she was just tired of the whole thing that they finally stopped. I can actually watch the highlights now without twitching so that’s a huge improvement. I can handle good-natured ribbing, hell, I dish it out myself, but there is a time when you just have to let it go, which is something my dad does not grasp.

Though it does hurt to have DROPPED COMPLETELY OUT of the rankings. Completely. Ouch. That’s okay. We’ll be back though. We always come back.

And it’s not like Appalachian State is some random school…they’re the Division 1-AA champions for two years straight. It’s not like we lost to Duke or Sacramento State. That’s for real.

Anyway, Monday was quiet in terms of the taunting front. Duck went home, I stayed home and did laundry and picked up snacks for work and just hung out. I’m mad at my computer for refusing to install The Sims 2 and The Sims 2: University. I had The Sims installed but uninstalled that in hopes of getting University to install but I lost that. I don’t know why it just refuses to install. Maybe I should get another copy. But I ended up playing on the house computer and man is that so slow. We probably have to free up some disk space or something but it runs super slow and choppy and it’s quite frustrating to play at times. I’ll have to look into that.

But I survived the first weekend of college football. I’m still excited about the season and I can’t wait to see what else happens [hopefully to other teams]. We shall see. I just hope Michigan doesn’t waste the senior seasons of Hart and Henne and company. What a major disappointment that would be.

4 thoughts on “Don’t worry, I’ll be zen again soon…

  1. aki says:

    wow, teana.. what HAPPENED with your team?!! WHO did ya’ll lose to this weekend? HAHAHA.. i’m sorry, hey, ND got their ass kicked so i’m sure you feel better. but at least Cal won their game🙂

  2. robelene says:

    if we didn’t live in such a small place in the middle of a residential area, i would have had one a long time ago. otherwise maybe we could have a beach type thing for my bday, since oct. is usually when the sun is out long enough in sf. but i dunno.

  3. Lola says:

    sorry to have been dropped out the rankings😦
    not to rub it in, but i’m very excited at how Rutgers whooped Buffalo and we are sooo ranked again this year😀. Very exciting!

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