Now that I’ve written this down, it’s premeditated…

Dear Dad,

I get it. Michigan lost. To an unranked opponent. At home. But that HAPPENED YESTERDAY. Just because ESPN and Fox Sports and every radio sports talk show will be talking about it ALL WEEK DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO AS WELL. And honestly, the way you’re STILL joking about it isn’t even funny anymore. It’s annoying and I’m thisclose to cutting you with whatever I may have in my hand at the time. I just don’t care anymore.

But I swear, if I have to watch that damn Appalachian State – Michigan replay one more time I’ll kill you both. In cold, cold blood.

You and Duck big fat jerks. I NEVER take my taunting THIS FAR. You say your respectful of other people’s feelings but I already asked you to stop last night. Obviously you’re just a liar. I wish you’d grow up already. It’s not like YOU went to Appalachian State anyway.

Willing to pummel you to death with my tiny fists of fury,


3 thoughts on “Now that I’ve written this down, it’s premeditated…

  1. Lola says:

    LOL, now thats just not right that hes been taunting u like that😀. its ok Teana! the smoke will blow over before u know it =)
    and where the fudge is appalachain state????

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