Lessons learned the hard way…again and again

pat: My rain of vengeance will destroy your umbrella of hate. Will demps is the first of many to fall victim to my rain!
talda: Excuse me but WHAT?
pat: U heard me. Will demps is out for 3 wks thanks to my rain! And your Yankees r next! :evil laugh:
talda: Fine
pat: Your one word replies frighten me. Cut that out
talda: Fine. whatever
pat: Not cool. Cut that out. Fine I’ll leave the Yankees alone
talda: Much appreciated but the damage has been done. U already reminded the umbrella of ur presence & you know how much it loves vengeance
pat: S**t! I was just playin
talda: U know the umbrella doesn’t have that kid of a sense of humor. Silly rabbit.

I don’t know why he never learns his lesson.

Oh and Will Demps is yet another reason why we need more hapas running around. Anyone who shamelessly rocks the rice cooker on the counter and shrimp chips in the cabinet is okay in my book. Oh, and dude is conversational in Korean! The PUNK! I’m so jealous.

I’m as conversational as a 2 year old. Sigh.

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