So far, this is the oldest I’ve ever been…

Thanks for all the well wishes, txt and e-cards from everyone! Even from my Aunt who TOTALLY forgot it was my birthday. She told me not to tell anyone but I did.

I guess I just forgot. Oops. My bad.

Needless to say it was a GREAT birthday weekend. I had so much fun. I really appreciate and thank everyone who took the time to join me Saturday night at Stars for the Retro Bowling Party. Good times.

Friday sped by for me at work, thankfully. It was fairly quiet and I took advantage of the time to start fashioning the tags for the goodie bags. Once I figured out the dimensions I needed for the cellophane bags that I used for the Sour Patch Kids, the design took all of a minute [thank you cut and paste]. Before church, I stopped at the Dollar Tree to get another box of Bazooka gum and bag of Pixie sticks and then Party City to look for the treat bags and the blowouts. I wasn’t sure what to get but the second I saw the Transformer blowouts. Of course I got them. I was more excited about those than anything else [even my super cute candy bags]. Once I got home from church, I set about putting together the bags. It didn’t take too long and I’m very pleased with how it turned out. I’m so glad I invested in that paper trimmer. It helped make everything look better.

gift tags

Saturday was pretty kick back. After goofing off in the morning, I went about baking the cupcakes and procuring an extra tub of frosting and a star tip so I could pipe the frosting onto the cupcakes to make them look extra fancy. They also turned out great and everyone was shocked that I made them. Um, dude, it was box cake mix and the tub of frosting…nothing special. It’s probably because that I piped the frosting and put cool sprinkles on them. But they were perfectly yummy and moist and the right amount of frosting [since it’s sweet, I went easy on the amount]. I even managed to take a nap.

ooh cuppycakes!

Stars was a lot nicer than I expected. We were a bit late in getting started but once everyone was there we had a great time bowling and talking and eating pizza. I had so much fun. I finally got to meet Maya’s bf, JoAl after all this time [the committee approves] who is pretty cool. I also got a lot of great gifts [thanks everyone!]. Everyone [well, except Mel and Maya since they read my blog beforehand] was surprised when I started handing out the goodie bags. They totally weren’t expecting it and were pretty excited by all the candy inside. I was given a bit of a hard time for the candy bags but it was totally worth it. You have not lived until you see a group of 25-30 year olds running around playing with blowouts. Classic. And, as an added bonus, everyone started bowling better after eating all that sugar!

As part of the party package, we had a host/ess for the evening, who I kind of felt bad for going in because there wouldn’t be much for her to do, which was exactly what happened. She just sat there the entire time after she took the pizza and soda orders. I know it’s hard being a host for an adult party. You don’t have to hover around at all since everyone knows what to do. I was a bit annoyed that I had to fill out an evaluation form [mid-party] and then was questioned about what I wrote [though a clarification was needed – on their part].

It was on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being the highest. In terms of the service by the hostess, it was kind of hard to evaluate because there wasn’t much that I needed but she wasn’t particularly stellar either. There wasn’t any that was necessary [am I supposed to rate the way she didn’t spill the pitchers of soda and how she didn’t drop the pizzas? If so, then she did a fabulous job]. I picked 3 thinking it was just average. Apparently that’s not the case. The party coordinator asked me about my score [mid-game, mind you] and informed me that a 3 is negative and goes against the host’s record. Well jeez people, that’s a bit extreme don’t you think? If there is no average answer, then maybe you should just do a 1-4 scale huh? When I told her it was because it was just hard to actually evaluate her [going back on my own experience as a hostess] since we were an older group, the planner said that was the kind of party I wanted. Um, ma’am, that has nothing to do with the level of service. I totally understand, having hosted birthday parties while working in San Jose [on top of doing all the promotional games common with minor league teams] but come on, she didn’t even ask if there we needed anything else, never mind the fact that she interrupted me while I was opening gifts to give me my change. I felt bad because she did fine for what she did and I offered to change the score to a 2 because I didn’t think it was worth going against her record [I even gave her a cupcake! I wouldn’t have given her a cupcake if I thought she was horrible] but the planner said that she’ll just make a notation about my comments in her record. Maybe you should also note how your evaluation form is faulty. She told me they strive for 1s and 2s, which is great and all but if the service is average then its average and if you don’t want to count average then don’t make it a choice. It’s simple.

Anyway, with the knowledge firmly implanted that I won’t be having another birthday party there anyway, I don’t have to worry about anything. So there.

The bf called me after midnight to wish me a happy birthday. He was so sweet. Aww, I love him so much. I wish he could have been here for my birthday but there will be plenty of other birthdays to celebrate together so no worries. We spent the night hanging out together and talking and rehashing the events of the night for him.

My actual birthday was Sunday and I spent that at home with the family. Tami and the kids came up Saturday night [while I was gone partying it up] and stayed until yesterday afternoon. My mom made some Korean food, including jap chae since it’s good luck to eat some on your birthday. I didn’t get the cheesecake I asked for because my mom ended up ordering me a cake, which I didn’t know about. She asked me on Saturday if I would be okay if she doesn’t get the cheesecake because she didn’t know if she was going to make it to the bakery in time and I said it was okay, thinking, “hey, I’ve got cupcakes. I’m covered.” Turns out it was because she had ordered a cake. A delicious white cake with whipped cream frosting [so good] that was made even better with the addition of fresh cut strawberries that Tami bought. Oh man, it was so good. And there’s still cake left [the same cannot be said about the cupcakes].

I spent the afternoon holed up in my room playing with my new Nintendo DS lite [I LOVES it!] and reliving the many hours I spent playing Super Mario Bros. on the old Nintendo while playing the New Super Mario Bros. This game is seriously addicting. I swear, it’s like a mix of Super Mario Bros. 1 and 3. I want to get another game but I forgot my Best Buy gift card at home so I’ll have to wait to get another one. Unless I pick out a totally different one at Target. Oh the possibilities are endless. Anyone have any suggestions?

After I finally pulled myself away from the game [I’m already in trouble – I woke up and my grip was a little sore and weak from hours of game play. Oops] I tackled my closest. I pulled out so much crap it was amazing. I got rid of some clothes and a pair of shoes [they’re going to other people now] and managed to pare down enough to lose one of my plastic containers that I’m now using for my crafting supplies. I finally got rid of all those gift boxes on top of my closest and earned back a whole shelf’s worth of space. You could not see my floor after I pulled out everything. Next I’ll probably go through all my clothes and pick off things I don’t wear but that’ll happen after I go shopping. Feeling pretty high from my cleaning/organizational victory, I began work on the space underneath the bed. I only got about halfway but my mom was shocked with what I pulled out, which included the bucket of chalk I thought I had already gotten rid of. With brand new chalk. I think I got this back in high school maybe? Or during my freshman year of college? Either way, it’s been a long while. I’ll have to finish the rest sometime and then move on to my desk [which I’m NOT looking forward to] and my TV stand. Then I can start making my list of things to get from Ikea. Yay!

Quote of the night: “I’m Macgyver, bitch!”

From yours truly.

4 thoughts on “So far, this is the oldest I’ve ever been…

  1. aki says:

    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! looks like you had fun! and your mom made korean food and i wasn’t invited?!! oooh i’m mad! haha..

  2. Inga says:

    *gasp* OMG I can’t believe you changed your layout after almost two years!! I’m so proud of you Tee-nuh!! lol🙂
    Happy happy bday once again girlie! And I want some cupcakes! Dang, those look good. I really like the colors you added to the top. That is my favorite picture of the week. lol
    *looks around* I can’t believe you changed the layout. Yay!! lol

  3. Jose says:

    dude, I totally missed your birthday. my bad. i was in New Orleans soaking up a whole lot of madness. im sure you had tons of fun, though. peace …

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