Opening Pandora’s stupid unorganized box…

I am in the market for a new book. A book besides the GMAT 800 that Lola highly recommended I check out for my prep work. Lindsey was nice enough to let me read Children of Men and then waited impatiently for me to finish it, which I finally did last week. While it is a decent book, it was a tremendously slow read in the beginning and I was practically dreading my decision to read the book because the trailers for the movie looked so cool. You would think I’d learn my lesson about reading books because I think the characters in a movie were cool but apparently not. Then all of the sudden, stuff started happening and I couldn’t put it down.

I even sat in the car at the BART station to finish reading it. Huzzah!

The moral of the story is that I need to find another book. And soon. Before I’m attached to the prep book, which I need to look into buying. I need to do a lot of things. Like purge my tiny, tiny room of a whole lot of excess stuff. It would be a whole lot easier if I weren’t so attached to all that stuff. Yes, that includes the Wheaties boxes though I think that may be waning just a little? Maybe? I’m not keeping them for any monetary purposes because I doubt those would be worth anything, especially since one or two of them are missing their UPCs for a mail-in thing.

My room is a bit overwhelming with the amount of stuff in such a small place. I got the short end of the stick and was given the smaller room. For the first time ever I got the small room. It almost makes me wonder how much more stuff I’d be able to stuff in there with a bigger room. There’s a lot of things to look at just on the surface and then you realize that I have the tendency to stuff stuff in stuff [just like my favorite foods. Yum]. Open any drawer in my desk or check my closet or even under my bed and, while it’s organized, there’s still a lot of stuff.

Like my museum diorama I made for my Cultural Anthropology class that got me an A. And the boxes I got gifts in because they looked really cool and I like boxes. Besides, I could totally reuse them. Which I have since I, you guessed it, put stuff in them. Maybe I should head back to Ikea and get some of those organization boxes. I’ll do that once I figure out what stuff to keep and what to toss. I’m really not looking forward to that. You’ll be surprised to what gets pulled out of there. Like the putting mat that’s probably still under there. You saw how long it took me to drag that bucket of chalk from under there. Years.

My desk is a HUGE problem though. I need a cool way to display all the cards I get, because I save each and every one. Which would mean that I’d need to take something off the wall to put those up. Granted, there’s a lot less stuff on the walls then in past years. Plus, now that I’ve tapped into my crafty DIY-enabled genes, I’m going to need a place to put all my supplies now. The more I think about this, the bigger it becomes. Aye, why’d I even start?

And then there are the shoes in my closest, most of which I don’t even wear anymore but are in great condition. I could donate a lot of stuff, which I probably will. Might as well give it to someone who’ll actually use it then let it take up space [and right now I know the bf is so happy to be reading all of this]. I’ll keep my American Eagle boots for now because I’ll be going back and forth to Michigan and it does snow there from time to time and I hated walking around in my Nikes.

This is what happens: because I can’t half-ass things, I’ll have to go all out and this is going to take FORE-EH-VER [fore-eh-ver]. And I keep getting more inspirations and ideas the more I talk this through and I’m already making a mental shopping list of things to get from Ikea. Including these cute green striped boxes but I may just get these because I’ll have more for less. And then I can get slim boxes for underneath my bed…including tags/labels so I know what I put in and it’ll be easy to find stuff. Man, and then there’s the TV stand. Freakin’ a, why do I have so much stuff?

See how it started with purging things around my new dresser? And now I’m talking about going through my entire room. I MUST BE STOPPED.

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