If the lesson’s to lay off the insanity peppers, I’m way ahead of you

So I walked from San Francisco to Amsterdam last night.

Repeat after me: WEIRD ASS DREAM.

I don’t really know why I’ve been having these dreams. I’d love to know. Oh, so what was the dream about? Well, I only remember the last part, when I was following some kind of film shoot in San Francisco somewhere in part of the city that doesn’t exactly exist in real life, at least not in the way it was in my dream, when I realized I was in another country asking this man about the swimming horses. Yes, swimming horses. Anyway, he points us to the water where I see one horse hanging on the back of another horse right as they DROWN. Great huh?

Anyway, suddenly there are tons of white horses gleefully swimming away in the ocean. I found a cute older couple sitting at a table watching the horses and sat to talk to them. I even noticed that the lady was holding a package of these cute toy ducks from Target. Honest, no lie. It had the Target bullseye on the package and I remember thinking those would be the cutest wedding favors and how I needed to remember where to get them. Don’t ask. Anyway, we’re hanging out watching the horses [one of them even talked! I was getting in his way and he wanted to eat] when this HUGE camel like creature came out of the water. It was like, almost Godzilla big, with two heads: a camel in the front and some kind of round head thing in the back and it started wrecking havoc on the city. It knocked over part of the building we were sitting in front of and I was almost hit by the debris! Luckily I managed to escape. And then I woke up.

I swear I’m not taking anything before I’m going to bed. I did eat about 2 1/2 hours before I went to bed so it wasn’t an empty stomach or a full one for that matter. I wonder what I’m going to dream of next. Maybe a rapping unicorn riding a go-cart?

You know what it may be? I just may be watching too many of those weird Skittles commercials. Naw, I didn’t see any yesterday. Oh well, it was worth the shot. Lindsey swears I’m on something. But I’m not.

Anyway, I need to go through all of my digital pictures and figure out which ones I need to print. I think I stopped printing pictures a year ago. Yikes. That will be a lot of pictures. Of course I’ll do them in batches, and since there are so many, I’ll probably get them done online and shipped to me, depending on how many I do in one sitting. I will need to factor in shipping. So I just figured it out, kind of. I can use Wal-Mart photos like I usually do for about $0.15 a print and pick it up at the store in an hour versus doing it on-line and paying for shipping that will take a couple of days. Well, I guess we have our answer huh? I’ll still do it in batches though because if I do them all at once I’ll be very overwhelmed with all the pictures PLUS will probably spend a small fortune on developing. Can’t have that now. Especially not with the credit card bills I’m going to have to pay the next couple of months. And that the Korean classes I wanted to take are starting a new beginner’s class at the end of the month and that’ll cost me a couple hundred dollars as well. Hum. I really need to audit myself and see how I can keep saving more money.

As if I don’t have enough projects already.

And I just noticed that I was grossly overcharged for a bill. Wait a second. That’s completely not cool. I’ll have to check this against my receipt but I know it’s wrong and there’s no way I’m paying for all of that. Looks like I’ll be on the phone with both the store and the credit card company tomorrow. Fantastic.

I could have spent my time doing other things. Like flying around on that purple people-eater while having tea and crumpets after finding him in that cemetary behind the golf course.

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