Run! She’s gonna charge!

The invites are done and ready to be printed and mailed. This is a HUGE relief. All I need to do now is figure out how to make those roses more consistently. Tonight, after I print them out and pack, I’ll be stuffing and getting ready to mail in the morning. Done and done.

I stopped at Rasputin’s and they had practically every other Johnny Cash cd but the Folsom Prison one I wanted. OF COURSE.

While I was wandering through Target trying to decide whether or not I should shell out for a travel pillow [I didn’t even though they are on sale this week], I ran into my ex’s ex-girlfriend. The one that didn’t like me because HE told her HE didn’t have a girlfriend before her and she found out about us through a mutual friend. So it makes sense that she got mad at ME right? Anyway, we had this thing during school; actually she had this thing with me during school and once I learned I made her day miserable by simply being spotted I started to make sure I’d walk past her. Yes, I’m petty but that seriously made me laugh. Never mind the time I made her cry for bothering me during a basketball game. I was TRYING to watch the guy I had a crush on [My Giant] and she was seriously invading my space. And then the time she thought I was following her when I was going to the store [did I mention the ex lived ACROSS THE STREET from me at the time? And like annoying punks, they drove slowly next to each other and I was trying to go to the store and back before the Simpons came on] and then she FOLLOWED me home and “confronted” me…and then started crying. I wanted to hit her when she started crying. That was when I finally decided I didn’t like her. Ugh. AND I missed the Simpsons. I was more upset about that because it was a new episode.

But I saw her in one of the aisles at Target and I was surprised. We didn’t say anything and just went on with our lives. Though I couldn’t help but notice that she was, well, she was looking hurt. She gained a lot of weight since high school and the frumpy hoodie sweater was not helping the cause. And she looked angrier than before. Is it wrong that I was pleased that I looked really cute yesterday? With even cuter hair and a kick ass ring on my finger? Is that petty? Yeah, but let’s just say I’m a kinder, gentler version of the Count of Monte Cristo. At least I didn’t bother to set out and destroy her; it just kinda happened. But she came to me.

I love that book. Seriously. Even reading it a second time has added a new level to the book. I’m still bothered by some parts of the descriptions [they seem lazy – the descriptions that is] but I’m noticing several different undertones to things that are done and said. And it’s just beautiful. If I didn’t already have a literary crush on the Count, I’d have one on Captain Maximilien Morrel. Oh Capt. Max. Le sigh.

Funny how my crushes now are all on fake people. See what the love of the right man will do? Only 2 more days! I’m getting more excited with each day. Getting through work is the hardest. That’s 9 solid hours I have before I’m done. Getting through the night is easy since I get home late and I’m only a couple hours from bedtime anyway.

Speaking of which, I was watching the last of the “I❤ New York” reunion special and cracked my butt when Tango dissed her. Seriously, that woman cannot catch a break. She got the boot on national television on THREE shows; two by the same guy and then on her own show! It’s probably her stank attitude. You’d think she would have learned that by watching the shows [as Tango did since he reference how he did not appreciate the way she talked trash about his mother and himself] and would have realized but her head’s so far up her butt she wouldn’t have noticed. Oh well. She wasn’t all that excited to be engaged to him anyway so why all the tears now? Yay for Tango for standing up to her like that. It was pretty funny. And so worth the brain cells I lost.

Which logically leads up to “Charm School.” People, if you are not watching this, you must start! I unabashedly love this show. Mo’Nique and Goldie are the best parts. Its great seeing Mo’Nique dressed the part of a school headmistress but cooler and I hope Goldie sticks it out if only for her hilarious commentary. I’m still trying to decide what animal Schatar’s, aka Hottie, weave is made out of but I keep expecting some kind of animal or bug to come creeping out of it. It really bothers me because it’s SO obvious that it’s fake. And horrible.

So watch it.

Is it Friday yet?

One thought on “Run! She’s gonna charge!

  1. aki says:

    hottie looks like a damn smurf!!! i think it’s her freakin’ big ass nose. god, i love that show. goldie is off the hook with her comments.

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