They must have read it here…

I finally finished The Wizard of Oz this morning on my ride in. There’s more to the story [duh] than the movie let on. Like, a lot more. There’s a whole other adventure stuck in there before Dorothy finally leaves Oz. Like, did you know about the armless hammerhead people? Bet you didn’t.

While I doubt I’ll be picking up the Return to Oz [because seriously, if the movie was that twisted, imagine how much more the book is…and I really don’t need a written description of the wheelers. They creeped me out enough on video]. So I’m out for another book. I’ll probably stop by Barnes & Noble after work and before church [which was AWESOME last night] tomorrow. Maybe I’ll pick up that Mets book…or maybe I’ll stumble upon something else. We’ll see who wins.

Oh, you know who really won? Me. Guess what my mom found was on the TV: Dae Jang Geum! Yet again! I’m so excited. We found it earlier on in the story so they’re all still little girls [I’ve never seen it this early before]. The only problem is the thing comes on at 7pm. I’m lucky if I’m home by then. At least it doesn’t come on at 8pm, because then I’ll be in some serious trouble deciding what to watch. Especially on Thursdays [yay for NBC’s comedy night]. Appointment television is back folks.

I’ve seriously got to save the money for the DVD set. But at $180 that’s quite the chunk of change to swallow for some DVDs [actually, if I do get them, it’ll definitely will be through KMTP because they’re cheaper than who wants $250!]. But it’s 54 episodes. And I’ll have it forever and ever and ever. And I can make the bf watch it with me. Again and again and again. Okay, so he’ll probably stick around for the first time and that’s it. But hey, maybe he will like it too and won’t mind the fact that I’m settling down to watch it again for the hundredth time and am seriously considering naming one of our kids after Sir Min Jeong-ho [as played by Ji Jin Hee].

Okay, maybe he will mind.

But then, me being a smart ass will probably tell him to go watch his girlfriend in Hero and leave me alone. On a quick aside, I didn’t like her character in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and told him so. In fact, he laughed because I said, “Dude, your girlfriend sucks.” We’re quite the loving couple.

I better be careful with the name inspirations. While he readily adopted my insane need to nickname our first son “Bennie” for no reason other than the fact I love the name [and the fact that his real name will have nothing to do with anything remotely related to “Bennie”], who knows what kind of names he may come up with when it comes time to start naming them. I do have specific rules for the names: no juniors or anything that closely resembles our names. Because I firmly believe everyone deserves their own name, there will be none of this, “the second” crap. Not as long as I’m doling out the names.

I can’t wait to fly out and see him next month. I’m so very excited. It’ll be eight months since we were last together. I’m really hoping we don’t go that long again. It was a horrible wait the first time we did that and while this one wasn’t as horrible, it still sucks. But hey, I’ll see him in April and then again in July and hopefully again for Thanksgiving or Christmas, depending on who’s flying out. I’m voting for Christmas because we’ll have more time together and won’t be as rushed.

And in a week we’ll be celebrating our 2-year anniversary. For someone whose longest “relationship” lasted just under a month, this is truly amazing. But what’s more amazing is the fact that I can love someone this much and be loved just the same in return.

Even when we make each other want to pull out our hair.

2 thoughts on “They must have read it here…

  1. Miss Snow Pea says:

    Hi Tea,

    That’s very interesting. I have never read the Wizard of Oz. Now I am intrigued! I’ll have to pick it up over the spring/summer since I won’t be busy with school.

  2. Danielle / Mafia Angel says:


    When you guys move into the short-distance relationship a.k.a. the perceived norm…the moments of “hair-pulling” will increase. But also so will the moments where you look at them and are just struck by how much you love ’em. Love..’tis a crazy thing.

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