Spelling it out…

talda: i’m just being honest

Matt: yes. it’s ok.

Matt: you like to antagonize

talda: yes. yes i do

talda: haha, you can’t spell antagonize without t-e-a-n-a

Matt: haha


Matt: i don’t like this.

talda: don’t like what? that i antagonize other people too?

Matt: haha yes

talda: haha. i can not put it up

Matt: what?

talda: make you feel a little more special

Matt: ha

Matt: or… put an asterisk by my name

talda: an asterisk? why for?

Matt: to say that i’m special.

Matt: and individual results may vary

talda: haha

talda: look at you. all lawyer-y

Matt: yes

Just for you Matt*

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