Lavar Burton would be proud

source: amazon

source: amazon

I just finished reading Chuck Palahniuk’s Invisible Monsters [yes, the guy who brought you Fight Club – I would link to it but one of the reviews TOTALLY spoils the entire book] and I have to say that this was one of the most sick, twisted and insane books I’ve ever read. Seriously. There were so many twists and turns I didn’t know what to think. And even though I did read the last page first [as I usually do] even that didn’t ruin the surprise. Actually, I don’t think anything could have [unless you count that review on Barnes & Noble’s website. For shame…].

Not only was this book sickly fascinating, but it actually had me gasping and yelling, “No way!” out loud while I was reading on BART. What else can you expect when the story starts out with a bride wielding a rifle while her dress and hair has been burned off by a fire? The entire book is just one giant cluster eff; it twists and turns onto itself. Though admittedly, I was a bit disappointed by the ending. I didn’t really “get it.” As much as I love my mischief and mayhem, I certainly love my resolution/closure and I didn’t get much of it here. Actually, that’s not true, I just didn’t get the type of closure I would have liked. But I guess that would be considered a personal problem.

Now going from reading that to finishing up the Wizard of Oz is like watching Fight Club and then settling in for Dora the Explorer. Not exactly a good thing. I’ve got to get back to the bookstore to get another book. Maybe that one about the Met’s that Jose recommended.

So how do I go about picking my books? It’s mostly random. Sometimes I read about a book that sounds interesting [like A Dirty Job. LOVED IT] or sometimes a friend recommends stuff [like Jose] and others they are books I should have read in high school but are just now getting to it [like Catch-22, Animal Farm, The Count of Monte Cristo, etc]. But usually I just go in and wander. I pick a book at sounds interesting, read the back cover and then part of the book itself and if it grabs me, then I take it, if not, then back to wandering I go. Needless to say I can easily spend an hour at the bookstore just browsing. I like my approach though, I’ve found books I typically wouldn’t have read [like this one] and though I did find books that I thought I would like but ended up bored by them [like Dorian Gray].

But I’m in the market for a book. Suggestions?

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