Sports Illustrated was not required reading. But it could have been.

You’ll have to excuse me, I’m feeling kinda lightheaded.

Someone’s wearing some strong cologne and I tend to be very sensitive to scents [which is why it’s hard for me to find perfume] and it’s overpowering me. I feel like I’ve been huffing paint for the past 2 hours. At one point I almost swore everything was slanted. I felt very Alice in Wonderland-ish. It’s weird. I’ll have to bring it up to the guy, if it’s him. Now how can I form a polite way to ask? I hope the polite brain cells haven’t been burned away from the smell. I’ll be in trouble then.

I still haven’t received my new check card yet. Boo. I should get it any day now though. If not, then I’ll be forced to go inside the bank to get money. Oh the horror. Remember when you always had to go inside the bank? I hated those Saturdays. I spent a lot of time twirling around the velvet rope things. That was fun. But the wait was horrible.

Good thing I’ve got my Italian class soon. Benissimo. And then it’ll be time for lunch. And then it’ll be time to leave. And then it’ll be Friday. Suh-weet!

I don’t remember time going so fast at my other job. Actually, it used to sledge through the day. Maybe because I spent most of it bored and annoyed with filing. Yeah, that could be it. Whatever. I’m here now and that’s all that matters.

See, this is affecting my writing! Like I really needed an excuse. I just spent almost 10 minutes writing up the histories of teams that have moved to explain the rationale behind their original nicknames [like the L.A. Lakers used to be in Minneapolis = great lakes state = lakers] in response to a thread in one of the groups I’m in [it’s a bunch of friends – it helps us organize our monthly adventures and to keep in touch]. We’ve been going back and forth on the whole Niners moving to Santa Clara thing. Actually, this is what I wrote because I’m a sports nerd [and I just remembered that I still have it on the clipboard to paste]:

the nfl owns the trademark on “san francisco 49ers” since it falls under their umbrella of business. it’s pretty much licensed to the team. but should a move be significant, then the city name is usually changed, like the philadephia-kansas city-oakland a’s or the new york/la/sf dodgers/giants.

this mobility is apparent in a lot of team nicknames. the jazz used to be in new orleans a long while ago and they kept the nickname to save money…guess they didn’t want to have to change all the stationary. the lakers used to be in minneapolis [hence the great lakes = lakers makes sense now huh]. the cardinals started out in chicago and were eventually named after the color of their uniforms [cardinal red…like stanford after they got rid of their indian mascot]*. the colts originated in baltimore [remember, they moved overnight under the cover of dark – scandalous] which has a big history in horse racing and breeding [pimlico is in baltimore and it hosts the preakness] that and you can easily equate horse with horsepower with auto racing – the indy 500 [or not]. and the angels…they started in los angeles, which is the city of angels. easy.

it’s rare when a team moves that they also change their nicknames. besides the browns turning into the ravens and the expos turning into the nationals. it’s typically easier to keep a nickname. plus that kinda only a little helps the fans stay connected. it’s a little less jarring.

I’m such a geek sometimes it’s amazing. And I only had to look up the Cardinals history. Remember folks, this is what I went to school for. Amazing isn’t? College rocks.

*and I just had to add this because I’m always too clever too late: in terms of the Cardinals having a bird as their mascot, it’s kinda hard to have a physical representation of a color. What would you use? A paint swatch? This is why Stanford doesn’t have an official mascot. Oh the tree? Wrong. The tree is NOT the official school mascot. It’s the band’s mascot. Oh yeah.

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