“Don’t worry, the movie version will be out next summer…”

I finished The Picture of Dorian Gray yesterday morning…to a thud. It was so anti-climatic. There was no action [besides the murder] in the entire book. All the characters do is stand and talk or sit and talk or just whine and talk or ponder. Then there’s the long, drawn out dialogues that don’t really make sense because they’re talking in riddles. The most action usually happened when they were flopping down on chairs and couches [which they do a lot]. This probably wasn’t the book to immediately follow The Count of Monte Cristo especially with all its action and adventure. Maybe the real issue was I was inspired by the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen to read the book. Yes, the movie. He was a lot more animated in that one. Shows me right to take literary cues from Hollywood. They don’t even read down there. All in all, not a very good book. It wasn’t very bad either…just blah.

At least I didn’t feel like my life would have been better having not read it at all. Like Catcher in the Rye. Hated it. I do believe that is the only book I had envisioned it’s death and destruction while I was reading it. About into the third chapter I had already decided that I was going to throw the book across the room after I was done reading [it was for class] and that kept me going. And I did throw it and I felt good.

But I was vindicated to learn that Oscar Wilde had, in fact, many upon many homosexual tones and references in the original version. I knew I wasn’t imagining it! The back of the book notes [which I rarely read but since I was in the middle of my morning BART ride, had nothing else to do] noted that he was forced to remove many of the references.

I did see a girl on the Metro this morning reading The Count and I was very excited.

Today’s book selection is a favorite of mine: A Little Princess. I’ve already read it a million and a half times but I still love reading it [which I feel like is a very good option for The Count]. It’s a tattered old edition with yellowing edges but damn if the story isn’t good. I still get upset at Miss Minchen and am excited when the ending comes about and hopeful, just like I was when I first read the book. I think I will always continue to read that book. I get an hour everyday to read and I’ve gone through a lot of books.

My mom asked me why I didn’t just go to the library and borrow books. Because it’s the library and the JFK library in town SUCKS. We had the best one in Modesto…oh, it was so big and had a huge children’s section in the basement and every book we saw on Reading Rainbow was in there. I loved that library. Me, my mom and Tami would go every Saturday to pick up books and check out the farmer’s market.

Though I must say that buying books is a bit of a vanity project -I can show off all the books that I’ve actually read – my collection is quite random just like my music. But it’ll be nice to actually have books in my bookcase. Unlike in all the furniture catalogs that have everything but a book on the shelves. What? People don’t read anymore?

One thought on ““Don’t worry, the movie version will be out next summer…”

  1. Mel says:

    Come over for an hour if you want books. I’ve got some new ones (thanks, Ebay!) that don’t involve robots, dinosaurs, aliens, or anything paranormal. I swear.

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